What Is Elodie Yung Ethnicity? French Actress Impresses Everyone In “The Cleaning Lady”

The Cleaning Lady main actress Elodie Yung is making her fans curious about her ethnicity as she has an attractive Asian look. 

Elodie Yung plays the character of a Cambodian doctor working in Las Vegas, Thony De La Rosa, in “The Cleaning Lady.” Her character Thony came to the US with her young son Luca who urgently needs a bone-marrow transplant. 

When the donor backed out, she was forced to clean hotels on the Vegas strip with her sister-in-law to save money for her son’s treatment. In one of the statements, Yung says that Thony is not a character, but she’s a real person. 

On the show, Elodie is thrown into a situation against her will and has to find a way to survive. Yung further mentioned there is a constant inner fight as the time is tickling to find a cure for her son. 

Here is everything you need to know about Elodie Young, who plays Thony De La Rosa in The Cleaning Lady. 

Elodie Yung Has Mixed Ethnicity And Has French Nationality From Her Parents 

Elodie Young’s ethnicity is Chinese-French since her father is Chinese from Cambodia and her mother is of French descent. As she was born in Paris, she holds French nationality. 

Though her parent’s origin is available, their other basic details still remain under the wrap. Despite being celebrity parents, they tend to live a low-key life far from the spotlight. 

Similarly, her father was an immigrant from Cambodia who later married her French mother. She has been very precise about sharing her personal life information on the Internet. 

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Elodie Yung Has A Net Worth Of Around $2 Million

The estimated net worth of French actress Elodie Yung is $2 million. The actual salary and annual income of the actress haven’t been disclosed. 

She has been growing her career as one of the popular actresses with hit shows.

Young stepped into the entertainment industry, after graduating from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Followingly, she has also earned a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Paris. 

Meet Elodie Yung Partner Jonathan Howard On Instagram

Elodie Yung is married to her husband, Jonathan Howard. He is the actor who is best known for his role as Moody in the British TV series Dream Team and Ian Boothby in Thor: The Dark World (2013). 

He was born in Lancashire, England. He has been living in London since 2005. The actor started his acting career in 2001 from his first role in a youth TV drama, Looking After The Penney as Scott Penney. 

In June 2018, she got pregnant with her first child, who was born in early August 2018. They named their first baby girl MinavannYung Howard.  

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