What Happened To Lori Klausutis? MSNBC Host Death On Joe Scarborough Head After Trump Accusations

Lori Klausutis died at the young age of 28 while she was working for Joe Scarborough. Former President Trump posted two tweets alleging Joe was involved in the demise of Lori and that it was murder, not an accident.

Many people widely recognize former President Donald Trump for his constant arguments against the media and his straightforwardness.

Trump revived a failed conspiracy theory that Scarborough, as a Florida representative, was involved in the murder of Lori Klausutis, who was discovered dead in his office in 2001 at 28.

The former president didn’t use to like Joe because he frequently criticized his response to the COVID pandemic.

Wikipedia Of Lori Klausutis: What Happened To Her?

As per the available Wikipedia information on Lori Klausutis, she was an intern of MSNBC host Joe, who was found dead in his office in 2001.

According to authorities, she died after losing consciousness due to an abnormal heart rhythm, fainting, and injuring her head.

“My wife deserves better.”

A letter to @jack from Timothy Klausutis, whose wife, Lori, died in 2001. He’s requesting the removal of tweets by US President Donald Trump in which Trump has accused Joe Scarborough of murdering Lori.


Full letter: https://t.co/eP4THoDGAl https://t.co/gJv22uvskw

She was a well-raised lady. Her friends and relatives only had positive things to say about her. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Klausutis’ friends described her as a joyful woman, also known as “Little Miss Mary Sunshine.”

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She was in college, and she and her husband were happily married and had recently moved into a new home. Klausutis was involved in a car accident that left her in a coma. Per the family, she also suffered from short-term memory loss following the incident.

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Joe Scarborough Facing Murder Charges By Trump

Back in 2020, Trump made severe allegations against Joe Scarborough.

President Trump issued two false tweets accusing Joe Scarborough of being responsible for the death of an employee who was reported to be dead of heart disease while working in one of Scarborough’s district offices.

When he was in Washington, Scarborough announced his resignation one month before Klausutis’ death. Scarborough’s Fort Walton Beach office was one of the district offices he held in Florida, the other being in Washington, DC.

Trump has no reason to spread this conspiracy theory. As per Trump’s behavior, anytime he feels “wronged,” even by someone just opposing him, he goes on the attack.

Trump has referred to Joe as a “psycho” after he addressed the former president’s failures in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lori Klausutis Death Was Declared As An Accident Not Murder

The forensic report of Lori Klausutis clearly mentioned that the cause of death was not murder but an accident.

Police found no evidence of wrongdoing. A medical examiner determined she died due to an acute subdural hematoma and ruled her death accidental.

According to a medical examiner, Klausutis fainted due to an undiagnosed heart problem, falling and hitting her head on a desk. The examiner found no indication that anyone was involved in her death.

No one has been prosecuted since the death was declared an accident, and there is no missing suspect case, as Trump has claimed in multiple tweets.

Twitter stated that the tweets would not be deleted. In a statement, a spokesman told Insider they were “truly sorry” for the suffering Trump’s words had caused Lori Klausutis’ family members.

Lori Klausutis Husband And Family Were Hurt By Trump Allegation

Lori Klausutis’s husband wrote that he is not happy that someone is using his late wife’s name to get themselves benefits.

Mr. Klausutis wrote to Twitter CEO about the President of the US and how he continued to propagate their hate for their own good on your platform, degrading the memory of his wife and marriage.

He asked that all of the tweets be deleted because the President of the United States had taken something that did not belong to him-the memory of my late wife and twisted it for imagined political benefit.

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