What Happened To Farmer Rob Ex Wife? Partner And Update

Farmer Rob has not disclosed what happened to his ex-wife. Recently, his actions have left the ongoing show Farmer Wants A Wife in pure shock. Learn more about him.

Farmer Rob is a cattle farmer from the Snowy Mountains. Currently, he is a member of the ongoing famous dating show Farmer Wants A Wife.

However, his recent actions have left the whole team and the viewers in extreme shock. Stating not being able to find love, he has sent all five girls home.

He was already a married man and was in the show to find love once again.

What Happened To Farmer Rob?

Farmer Rob was seeking love and a partner in the ongoing show Farmer Wants A Wife. However, he has left all in shock by sending all five girls home after dating each one of them.

Farmer Rob has already experienced love in his life. Despite the fact he was already married, he was in search of love to happen twice in his life.

However, he could not find what he was searching for in the girls he had chosen. He has mentioned this is not the end, but he will be temporarily off.

He also mentioned, love cannot be manufactured, and there is nothing to build on. He had nervously yet with respect asked girls to go home.

How Old Is Farmer Rob? Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Rob’s age is now 40 years old. He is the oldest contestant in the show.

We are unable to find his birthdate as he has not revealed that yet.

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Farmer Rob’s Ex-Wife: Who Is She?

Farmer Rob is a married guy with two children. So far, he has mentioned his true love was his first wife but has not talked about her yet.

He has limited his family detail, most importantly his wife’s details, only within him. Also, there is no marriage or wedding information about him. When they got married and got separated are still kept in the dark.

We can only assume that whether she had passed away or they got divorced. However, he always mentions his first wife to be his true love. So, we believe they had a healthy relationship.

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