Were Jia Tolentino Parents Involved In Human Trafficking? Details To Know

You might have heard about the writer Jia Tolentino’s parents’ human trafficking case, so here is everything we know about their case. 

Jia Angeli Carla Tolentino, mostly known as Jia Tolentino, is a famous American writer and editor known to be a staff writer for the New Yorker. 

She is also renowned because of her former work as a contributing editor at The Hairpin and the deputy editor of Jezebel. 

She has many of her writings published in the New York Times magazine as well as Pitchfork. 

Jia Tolentino Parents & Human Trafficking

There is no specific information like the names of the length of togetherness of Jia Tolentino’s Parents; however, there is a lot of information regarding the legal case they have faced. 

But firstly, regarding their personal lives, Jia’s parents were Filipinos who were initially from the Philippines, but they were in Toronto, Canada, when they gave birth to Jia. 

Later, when Jia was 4, they moved to the United States, in Houston, Texas, where they settled. 

Now, apart from their personal lives, they have been accused of human trafficking.

Official sources have reported that they have brought over 273 Filipino teachers and made them stay in the US. 

The main turning point is that they were helping those teachers by giving them a better future, and there are no complaints from the teachers. 

It is illegal to bring people without proper documents in the United States, so they have been accused of the term “Human Trafficking.” 

Jia Tolentino Age- How Old Is She?

Jia Tolentino’s age is 32 years old.

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She was born on November 20, 1988, in Toronto, Canada. 

Jia Tolentino Baby And Boyfriend

Jia Tolentino has an 8-month-old baby.

She has not revealed his name yet to the outside world, but she does post a lot about her baby on her Instagram. 

Jia Tolentino’s boyfriend is Andrew Daley.

Andrew is an architect with whom she has been together for quite a long period of time. 

They live together in Brooklyn, New York, with their son and dog. 

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