Top 10 Richest WWE Female Wrestlers

Gone are the days where male wrestlers were the only sportsmen who dominated the WWE and all other wrestling promotions, as the world evolves, and female wrestlers are also taken centre-stage for their equally impressive performances, and headline events.

As a result of the change in dynamics, Female wrestlers are now seeing an increase in their paychecks, thanks to the increased reception by fans and the increased promotion of female wrestling events such as the WWE All-Women Pay-Per-View, Raw Women Championship amongst others.

Below is a list of Richest WWE Female Wrestlers with their related net worth and annual salary:

Asuka – Net Worth $1 million (Annual salary: $350,000)

Mandy Rose – Net Worth 2 Million (Annual salary: $150,000)

Kelly Kelly – Net Worth $2 million (Annual salary: $280,000)

Bayley – Net Worth – $2 million (Annual salary: $350,000)

Alexa Bliss-Net Worth $2.3 million (Annual salary: $350,000)

Sasha Banks – Net Worth $3 million (Annual salary: $250,000)

Charlotte Flair – Net Worth $3 million (Annual Salary: $million)

Becky Lynch – Net Worth $4 million (Annual salary: $3.1 million)

Natalya – Net Worth $4 million (Annual salary: $300,000)

Ronda Rousey- Net Worth $ 13 million (Annual Salary $ 2.1 million)

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