Tiktok: Who Is West Elm Caleb? Viral Video Over Ghosting Women, Meet Caleb Hunter on Instagram

West Elm Caleb is viral on TikTok for ghosting women after dates. TikTok has been a platform that gives us surprises now and then.

TikTok has been a platform that has captivated many lives. With dances, singings, and short videos, it has been used for various challenges and many more like now ghosting women.

West Elm Caleb is going viral on TikTok currently for ghosting women just after a few dates. Not everything that goes viral is good. Some of it has a negative impact too and could be dangerous too.

Tiktok: Who Is West Elm Caleb?

The real name of West Elm Caleb is Caleb Hunter. He is going viral because of a community of women in the New York City area who have been on a date with him a couple of times.

Through dating app Hinge, he dates women, and it’s known that after seeing them a couple of times, he started ghosting them, severing contact forever. Caleb has also been accused of being a liar.

He had lied to the women he dated, and even he dated many women at the same time. This has made Caleb a terrible dater and this has been spreading in the media and Twitter is full of memes based on this.

The dater got his nickname which is unique because he works as a furniture designer at West Elm. Some tried to tag the company, with the hope that the employee must know and be aware of how Caleb is.

Caleb is 25 aged and many videos that discuss him also feature images of his Hinge profile as a way to spread the word about avoiding a match with him. His bad deeds have paid him off with a ruined reputation.

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West Elm Caleb Viral Video Over Ghosting Women

Single ladies in their early 20s are on a Hinge. Women are telling their stories who have fallen victim to the charm of West Elm Caleb. He has a bad reputation over TikTok, and we warn women to stay away from him.

More than 30 women have come out with their stories on TikTok without confirmation that they dated West Elm Caleb. It would be bad even if he had gone out with few girls in the past than the claims.

After matching together on Hinge, he begins to send flirty messages 24/7 before proceeding to ask you out on a date in a “wholesome” manner. The women had enough after getting haunted past weeks.

Meet Caleb Hunter on Instagram

Caleb Hunter is not confirmed to be available on Instagram. There are a few Instagram pages with the name “Caleb Hunter,” but we do not know which one belongs to him or even does not belong to him.

Even though he is becoming the center of an internet firestorm, it is unclear if he is aware of his ruined reputation and regret for his behavior. He has not taken any action to clarify his behavior so far.

As per the description given by his date mate, he lives in the Upper East Side. He is a tall, white guy who sports a mustache. He studies at Savannah College of Art and Design, located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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