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The Kid Mero Biography

The Kid Mero (real name: Joel Martinez) is a Dominican-American writer, TV personality, voice actor, YouTube personality, music blogger and Twitter personality, and comedian.

Nice rose to prominence alongside fellow Bronx native Desus Nice with their Complex TV 46-episode podcast Desus vs. Mero. The show first premiered on December 18, 2013.

As an actor and producer, known for Vampires Vs. the Bronx (2019), Neo Yokio (2017) and Desus & Mero (2019).

The Kid Mero Education

He attended DeWitt Clinton High School from which he graduated in 2001. He graduated from Hunter College in 2005. He also worked as a teaching aide at a school in The Bronx.

The Kid Mero Age

Mero was born on May 15, 1983 (35 years old as of 2018).

The Kid Mero Heather Martinez  | The Kid Mero Wife

Mero is married to Heather Martinez, a teacher from New Jersey, and lives in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Mero and Heather have four children, three sons and one daughter.

The Kid Mero Career

Mero’s first article was published online on November 14, 2012 being a review of Canadian electronic music duo Crystal Castles’s album III. Mero wrote 69 articles for Noisey between November 2012 and March 2014. Most of them were album and mixtape reviews, and all written in caps lock.

The Kid Mero Desus Nice

MTV announced in December 2014 that The Kid Mero and Desus Nice would be joining the cast of Guy Code for season 5, along with 11 other new cast members. The duo appeared on the first episode of season 5, which was originally aired on January 14, 2015.

The Kid Mero Net Worth

The comedian’s net worth is not yet revealed.

The Kid Mero Films





New York Undercover: The BX Chronicles

Eddie Torres


Neo Yokio

Lexy (voice role)


Desus & Mero



Bodega Boys



Guy Code


Joking Off


Uncommon Sense


Wild ‘N Out



Desus vs. Mero


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The Kid Mero Interview

Desus and THE KID MERO Talk Trump, Celebrity Geek Outs + Health


Okayplayer: Podcasting is one of the most relaxed environments that you can perform in nowadays. For comics, there are all sorts of different avenues — from sketch to stand-up to improv — so what makes recording The Bodega Boys the most comfortable for you guys?

Desus: Podcasting is the most comfortable for us because our comedy is not scripted. It is basically just two dudes from the hood riffing with each other. When you’re doing a podcast, as opposed to something like being in front of a camera, you’re not worried about who else is in the room. We’re literally talking in front of the pics and it is going to catch everything. Because there is no visual element to podcasting then you can just be yourself. You don’t have to look at this camera or look at that camera, be blocked off here or worry about logos or running all of that through legal and Standards and Practices. To be extra trill, a podcast is probably the last unfiltered media format where you can just say whatever. I mean, yeah, you might get sued or something, but you can definitely pull up from 40 on a podcast.

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The Kid Mero: It’s more relaxed than television and it is more organic because this stuff comes naturally through conversation. We’re not sitting around writing jokes. TV is different because it is like, “I’m going to write this joke and I’m going to deliver it to the camera. I’m done.” With the podcast, we go in there saying to one another, “Yo?! What are we talking about?” and can start on the actual topic then diverge into some whole other shit that ends up being funnier than the original topic, y’know what I mean? [Podcasting] offers us the freedom to go anywhere you want that other places don’t.

OKP: It is more like a sort of train-of-thought form of freestyling?

D: Right… With the podcast, the listener is sitting between me and Mero riffing like how we would riff even if it wasn’t on a podcast. Say you had a terrible job or something, we’re your co-workers who are cutting up during lunch break and you’re in the middle of our conversation. What we do is very authentic. We’re not there like, “Oh, here are some bullet points, say this line. Say that line.” No, we’re basically like whatever is on your mind go ahead and say it! You’ve seen it… we’ll start off talking about Rudy Giuliani and somehow we’ll end up talking about him taking his kids to school. That’s just the way it works. You allow the conversation to lead the flow, which is what I think people really enjoy about our podcast.

OKP: OK, OK, definitely dope fellas. I have to ask you both about the voices on the show. The Bodega Boys opens with an excellent impersonation. While it sounds like Mero does most of the voices — how do you guys get inspired to do these characters? Have you ever thought about getting into voice-over work?

The Kid Mero: : Yes, we both have. We actually have something really dope that we’re really excited about participating in, but we cannot talk about.

D: It is a very big deal, but we can’t talk about it, which is another part of Hollywood. You’ll be mad amped about a project and then they’ll say don’t tell nobody about it. Imagine your girl is pregnant for three years, it’s your fist kid and you’re mad proud but you can’t tell anybody. That is how I’m feeling… and Mero has like four kids.

The Kid Mero: : Not for nothing, we have several things in the air, so we have to be quiet on a few things. As far as inspiration to do the voices goes, I think that people who have a distinctive voice or cadence can just say regular shit and it ends up being funny. If you exaggerate that person’s voice and have them saying stuff that they would never say—like with Donald Trump or Ben Carson—it turns into some funny stuff. Trump specifically would be out here saying all of this shit if he could, you know what I mean, but he won’t. I just love doing funny voices. It makes me laugh. I am a father of fucking three-and-a-half kids—the other one is on deck—and kids specifically love that shit.

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D: I never knew that when we were doing Desus vs. Mero [on Complex] that he could do all these voices. It wasn’t until [we started] Bodega Boys where I am like, “Yo, this guy over here… he’s like the dude from Police Academy.” If this whole Bodega Boys x Hpnotiq endeavor doesn’t work out, we’ll look out for him in Police Academy 7, making some sort of wild helicopter noise.

OKP: Speaking of Donald Trump, who are you guys planning on electing for President of the United States?

D: Fuck Donald Trump.

The Kid Mero: : Probably [Hillary] Clinton because Donald Trump is actually a super villain.

D: Bring Obama back… Not even because I’m a big fan of [President] Obama, but just because of his ability to get white people so mad.

KM: N****s doing the wild Cupid Shuffle at the inauguration if Obama had a third term. It would be extremely lit.

OKP: As two dudes from the Bronx making it big in these e-streets you guys are getting a lot of opportunities. How do you stay grounded and not get too bigheaded?

D: We’ve seen so many people fuck up and just blow opportunities that we’ve learned how to avoid those same pitfalls. I got to write this up and some point, but you see people all the time and they get an opportunity and become Hollywood. We’re from the Bronx and we know that the same people you see that you shit on on your way up are the same people that you’ll see on your way down. Not everyone stays up. Everyone and everything eventually comes down and I’ve seen people lose themselves over staying up.

The Kid Mero: : That is the thing about television… I don’t know who the fuck said this but I think it was you, Desus, that we’re on TV, so now the job is to stay on TV. Our role is to stay poppington and not washed.

OKP: Have you guys ever met any celebrities who totally geeked out when they met you?

D: A couple. Sometimes they’ll meet us and we’re just like, “Yo, how are we even on your radar?” Who was it? We met N.O.R.E. and he was like, “Yo, my n****s is mad funny,” and we were like, “Yo!”

The Kid Mero: : The wildest person for me was Hudson Mohawke. “These people think I’m crazy mate because I am laughing my jibs off to this stuff,” he told me.

D: We have celebrities coming to the live podcast taping. They’re hitting us up like, “Yo dawg, could you pull some strings and get me into this?” We’re like, “Dawg, you’re worth like 40 mil, so, of course I can make that happen.”

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OKP: I got one last question for you guys… How do you all maintain your friendship after getting a level of fame and celebrity?

The Kid Mero: : I was just thinking about that in the car on the way over here. I spend a lot of time with these guys, y’know? We’re spending cellmate time, so, for me it is like that.

D: Personally to me, it is dope because I’ll see some shit on the internet and say if he’s home and I’m at the crib, I’ll be like mad schmacked. “Woo, I can’t wait to tell this n**** in the morning,” y’know? It’s bugged out.

The Kid Mero: : Yeah, it’s like that… I’ll see a funny joke and I am like I can’t wait to see his reaction because his reaction is going to feed my reaction. It’s to the point now where I know this for the show. We both saw something and I knew the joke he was going to say before he said it. It is like we’re becoming this old, ghetto married couple putting on for the Bronx.

D: We’re ally-ooping jokes and shit [laughs]. We’re like that movie with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence… What was it? With Eddie and Martin? Life. The thing about Mero—and God bless Twitter for connecting us for all this—I feel that we probably would’ve met up anyways. The good thing for y’all we met up on this comedy thing because we could’ve met up on a home invasion thing and a lot of y’all would be under pressure [laughs].

OKP: Earlier off record, I was asking Mero about health, so I’ll just ask this of the both of you. How important is health to you both and what steps do you take to keep yourselves right?

The Kid Mero: : Now it’s very important because now we’re getting money. Before it was just like eat this garbage ass food, drink these garbage drinks, smoke weed, smoke cigarettes and do all the vice-like stuff. Now, it’s like, we want to live for longevity, so we had to straighten ourselves out. For me particularly, I have kids and I want to raise them, be there and not be trotted out in a wheelchair with one leg.

D: For me, health was like living in the hood and you know you’re going to die early at 30 and with our situation now, it’s like, “What now?” I didn’t expect to live this long, so now to reach that and obtain some level of successfulness I know that I can’t be out here eating garbage just because your friends are eating garbage. I joined a gym, Mero is eating healthier now because we want to be here to annoy the hell out of people and get to that Kevin Hart level. Pissing people off and have them saying, “Dammit, Bodega Boys got another movie… What the hell?! Let someone else eat.”

The Kid Mero: : They’re doing this Pixar shit now, too, goddamn it [laughs].

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