The 20 Celebrity Brands For All Your Everyday Hair, Skin & Makeup Needs

There are many makeup brands in the market. However, getting your hands on celebrity brands is something else.

Celebrities have outdone themselves when it comes to makeup needs. They have introduced their products in the market for you.

You will find skin products and makeup brands that will leave you looking astounding. It’s up to you to decide which of the celebrities’ products you will use.

The 20 Celebrity Brands For All Your Everyday Hair, Skin & Makeup Needs

It is hard to put a finger on a celebrity who is not launching a beauty product. They are bringing to the market full-brown brands meant for everyone.

Let us take a look at the celebrity brands for all your everyday care.

1. Lady Gaga – Haus of Laboratories

Mega star Lady Gaga launched her beauty line – Haus of Laboratories. The beauty line has a bold liquid eyeliner, colour lipsticks and shimmering eyeshadows.

Gaga’s brand is inclined to make up. Every dollar made after purchasing her products is directed to her Born This Way Foundation.

2. Victoria Beckham – Victoria Beckham Beauty

We all know Victoria Beckham as the wife of famous footballer David Beckham. She has since launched her brand the Victoria Beckham Beauty.

If you are looking for a high-end serum, priming moisturizer, or a great eyeliner, Victoria got you covered.

3. Rihanna – Fenty Beauty 

In 2017, Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty. This is a brand that comprises an extensive range of shades.

Fenty Beauty comes with 50 shades. Rihanna had in mind that beauty brands had to accommodate all skin tones. 

4. Venus Williams – EleVen

Renowned tennis player, Venus Williams has a unique brand. She launched a brand that focuses on sunscreen with the name EleVen.

EleVen comprises sunscreen and serum meant for every skin type and tone. This brand will keep your skin protected and also takes care of the environment.

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5. Taraji P. Henson -TBH by Taraji

Taraji’s brand is designed for your everyday hair. TBH by Taraji provides scalp care for every hair type and texture.

To cleanse, nourish and moisturize your hair, get hold of TBH by Taraji. You can’t go wrong with this brand for your afro, braids and curls.

6. Selena Gomez – Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty is Selena Gomez’s brand-new beauty line. Though it has not been on the market for long, her fans already love it.

This cosmetic line includes lipsticks, foundations, primers, brushes and concealers. Your everyday look is well taken of by Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez.

7. Tracee Ellis Ross – Pattern Beauty

It took ten years for actress Tracee Ellis to ensure her haircare line was flawless. Pattern Beauty is designed for natural hair.

Tracee Ellis Ross has a whole collection for every hair type in the world. She also had different textures in mind. 

8. Miranda Kerr – Kora Organics

Here is a brand with a line of organic skincare and beauty products. Miranda Kerr launched Kora Organics to provide quality skincare basics.

If you want to have your skin glowing, invest in the Kora Organics brand. You will love how your skin is rejuvenized.

9.  Jessica Alba – Honest Beauty

Actress Alba is extremely beautiful, and her skin is out of this world. Jessica launched the Honest Beauty brand to help fellow women to achieve the kind of skin she has.

Her line comprises skincare and makeup products. You will find facial products that do not have any toxic ingredients that can harm your skin.

10. Alicia Keys – Keys Soulcare

I bet you didn’t know Alicia Keys has a beauty brand. But let’s face it, Alicia Keys is what many of us desire for our skincare goals. 

Alicia launched Keys Soulcare with new exciting products. Keys Soulcare takes care of your beauty by providing a skincare collection, candles and other tools meant for your peace.

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11. Cindy Crawford – Meaningful Beauty

If you want products that defy age, look no further than Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford. Legendary supermodel, Cindy’s brand, contains age-defying skincare products. 

Her line comes with serums, dark spot treatments and antioxidant crèmes. They are all meant to ensure your skin remains hydrated and rejuvenated.

12. Millie Bobby Brown – Florence by Mills

Millie Bobby Brown is proud of her glowing skin. This has been triggered by using beauty products from her beauty line -Florence by Mills.

It is a clean beauty brand that comes with unique and attractive packaging. The brand is inclusive of antioxidants, botanicals and vitamins.

13. Kylie Jenner – Kylie Cosmetics

When Kylie launched her Kylie Cosmetics beauty line, it only had the Kylie Lip Kits. The set comprises a liner and a velvet matte liquid lipstick.

As we speak, Kylie has extended her brand. It now comes with eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, and eyeliners.

14. Gabrielle Union – Flawless

Prominent actress Gabrielle Union created the Flawless brand. This is a haircare brand that provides moisturizing conditioners and repairing masques.

The Flawless will not only repair your hair but also define and hydrate it. You will be glad you used Flawless products for your hair.

15. Iman – Iman Cosmetics

Model Iman is without doubt the crème de la crème of celebrities with beauty brands. She launched Iman Cosmetics to take care of women of colour.

Iman’s beauty collection is inclusive of powders, foundations, concealers, bronzers, among others. Iman Cosmetics provides dark tones to suit your skin type.

16. Josie Maran – Josie Maran Cosmetics

Josie Maran launched a beauty brand to address any issue your skin might have. Actress and model Josie’s brand is Josie Maran Cosmetics.

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This model includes Argan oil in all her products. It helps to nourish, protect and hydrate the skin every time.

17. Paris Hilton – Paris Hilton ProD.N.A.

Paris Hilton’s brand Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. is inclusive of both skincare and anti-ageing products. The ProD.N.A brand goes over and beyond to deliver a solution to aging skin naturally.

This brand often sells out big time in the stores. It seems the anti-ageing line is doing exceptionally well.

18. Lara Worthington – The Base by Lara Bingle

Lara launched The Base by Lara Bingle when it only had a foundation of tanning products. This has, however, changed with time, for she included other products.

The Base by Lara Bingle comes with the Lip to Cheek Tint, a primer-foundation mix and the LB Cream. All her products should be included in your makeup to-go bag.

19. Drew Barrymore – Flower Beauty 

Drew Barrymore is the founder of the Flower Beauty brand. Her products are meant to make everyone using them feel amazing and look great.

The Flower Beauty Products includes a lip mask of varied shades and flavours. You will also find colourful blush drops and bronzing foundation. 

20. Lindsay Ellingson – Wander Beauty

In 2014, model Lindsay Ellingson launched her brand -Wander Beauty. This line offers products meant for a busy makeup lover.

So, if you want easy-to-use makeup on the go, get hold of Wander Beauty products. You will still look stunning as you go on with your busy schedule.


It is evident that celebrities have gone out of their way to become entrepreneurs. That is why many of them are into personal beauty brands.

What you will love about celebrity brands is that they are industry-tested. This means they are safe for use and will not cause any damage to your skin, unlike other brands.

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