Ruth Wamuyu’s Ngumo Yaku Lyrics [English Translation]

The god of our fathers  Abraham and Isaac 

The owner of heaven and on earth  Your fame is widespread  You are a renown lifter  You are renown miracle worker   You the lifter of our burdens  Your deeds are known to us 

Your fame is known  Your deeds are not hidden  Your goodness is published  From generation to generation 

You prospered Isaac  During times of great famine  You sprang forth a well  He harvested a thousand fold  Again you saw Hagar and Ishmael in the wilderness  And gave her a well in the wilderness  Your fame is widespread 

Jacob labored unjustly in his uncles house  You gave him wisdom to prosper  He left with a great multitude  Jephthah a fatherless son  Was banished to remove shame  You made him a mighty warrior  He became a shame remover

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