Robbo From AFL 360, What Happened To Him? Health Update


Where Is Robbo From AFL 360? People are curious if he had a heart attack. Let’s known more about his situation.

Robbo, who goes by full name Mark Robinson is an Australian sports journalist. He is the chief football writer for Herald Sun newspapers, which appears on the 1116 SEN radio station’s pre-match AFL discussion.

The Fox Footy’s AFL 360 co-host, Robbo is rumored to have serious health conditions due to drunk illness. People are absolutely worried for Robbo and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Where Is Robbo From AFL 360?

Robbo from AFL 360 is carrying his journalism career for Melbourne’s Herald Sun.

Robbo, who also goes by the name Mark Robinson is the chief football writer for Herald Sun newspaper.

He is also currently co-hosting Fox Footy’s AFL 360 TV program.

New Roo Will Phillips had a special guest come over after he was selected by North Melbourne in the #AFLDraft!

(🎥: North Melbourne Football Club)

— SuperFooty (AFL) (@superfooty) December 9, 2020


As per his Twitter bio, Robbo is living in Melbourne, Victoria, and doing absolutely fine. He is much active on Twitter with more than 178.9K followers. He has joined Twitter since March 2010.

Robbo is probably living his life with his family. But, his whereabouts as of 2021 now is still behind the curtain.

AFL Robbo Drunk Video – Illness And Health Update

Robbo aka Mark Robinson health is pretty good. There’s are no official reports claiming his poor health condition or illness.

So far we’re concern, Robbo is doing absolutely fine and kicking – not sick. And, Robbo did not have a heart attack.

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— Mark Robinson (@Robbo_heraldsun) December 2, 2020


However, a Redditor has written: “In addition to being seemingly unfamiliar with AFL, the bloke seems like he’s half-cut and rambles on like he’s been drinking all afternoon.”

Therefore, he might have a drinking addiction, but we’re yet to confirm.

In addition to that, Robbo has been linked in the illness controversy in June 2017. He tweeted about Collingwood footballer Alex Fasolo when his struggles with severe depression came out, suggesting that quick recovery was all fake.

The tweet and subsequent apology made by Robbo show his ignorance on the topic of mental illness. It was not a great way to show respect to a man who came out to the public with his battle with depression and mental health.

Robbo AFL 360 Drunk Video Explored

Robbo from  AFL 360 drunk video is nowhere to be seen.

However, there are several videos of Footy pundit, Mark Robinson speaking gibberish and slip up on AFL 260 Tv show.

You all can also check Robinson’s appearing to make slip up on DailyMail.

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