Richard Pilger Net Worth: 10 Facts To Know About

Richard Pilger is an American attorney and a government official. He was the director of the Election Crimes Branch in the Criminal Division at the United States Department of Justice.

 After serving in the Department for 10 years since 2010 March, Richard has recently resigned from his position as the director. This was caused after President Trump and his allies continued to make unsubstantiated accusations of voting fraud.

Name Richard Pilger
Birthday 1965
Age 55
Gender Male
Nationality American
Married/Single Married

10 Facts To Know on Richard Pilger

Pilger, who was the former director of Criminal Divison at DOJ was born in 1965. As of 2020, Pilger is 55 years old.Pilger resigned on November 9, 2020, after multiple accusations by the former president Trump followed by Attorney General William Barr’s decision to federal prosecutors to investigate election voter fraud claims.He completed his bachelor’s in English and Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. In 1990, Pilger has completed his masters from Indiana University, Bloomington.Richard had also faced some controversies in the past after his emails with the IRS got leaked. The emails showed him allegedly making deals to tax-exempt organizations who had been involved in politics.Richard is a family man with a wife and kids. However, every member of his family has their identity protected.There is no mention of his net worth on his Wiki bios. As of now, his financials are still to be disclosed to the public.We can also find his updated info on his official Wikipedia page. Richard has worked in the attorney field since 1992. He has over 25 years of Legal experience.Pilger is well compensated for his contributions and corruption prosecutions. He has been awarded the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service.Unfortunately, Richard is not on any of the social media sites including Instagram as well as Twitter.

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