Renato de Santa Rapper: Everything On His Face And Demon Smile

The rapper Renato de Santa gets flesh ripped from his face to create a ‘demon smile.’ Let’s find out more about him.

Renato de Santa is a rapper who hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

It has also been known that he had spent around $10,000 on transforming his appearance.

Demon Smile: Renato de Santa Rapper

Renato de Santa has done the world’s most horrific body modification, ripping the skin off his body to give himself a ‘devil smile.’

He also claims that many ladies think his appearance is attractive rather than frightening.

Renato de Santa Age

Renato de Santa’s current age is 41 years old.

Nevertheless, his actual birthdate at this time is not known.

Renato de Santa Face

Talking about Renato de Santa’s face, he has implants under his skin to give him horns, dyed black-black eyeballs, a split tongue, and the number ‘666’ etched into his skull, as well as implants beneath his skin.

Moreover, in his most severe modification yet, the rapper has now swathes of his flesh peeled back between the corners of his mouth and ears.

The transformation, which has been termed a Glasgow smile, is created with a scalpel.

He also claims that he has no regrets about his interest in self-transformation, which he began in 1996.

Who Is Renato de Santa Wife?

Talking about Renato de Santa’s wife, her personality hasn’t been revealed yet.

There is no mention of his wife, and there is no proof that makes him a married man.

In this sense, we can assume that he is single.

Renato de Santa Net Worth

The rapper Renato de Santa’s actual net worth hasn’t been revealed as of now.

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According to the payscale, a Brazilian music artist makes total pay of around 39k to190k.

Renato involving in the same field, might be earning somewhere around it.

Meet Renato de Santa On Instagram

Even after our hectic research, we are unable to discover Renato de Santa’s Instagram handle.

Moreover, he is also not active on his other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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