Raymond Michael Weber: Uzzy Marcus Brother Age, Instagram and Wiki

Raymond Michael Weber is the 29-year-old man arrested by the Vacaville Police Department in connection to the death of two women. 

The infamous offender happens to be the brother of an up and coming rapper, Uzzy Marcus. The rapper first rose to prominence after his single 42k garnered over a million views within a year of release. 

On January 30, officers responded to a welfare check call at the Rocky Hill Veterans Apartment around 12:42 am. The woman on the call reported seeing an armed man inside the apartment. 

Quick Facts: Raymond Michael Weber: Uzzy Marcus Brother Age, Instagram and Wiki

Name Raymond Michael Weber
Birthday 1991
Age 29
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Accused Murderer
Siblings Uzzy Marcus
Married/Single Under Review

The video showed the man armed with a handgun and two women lying still on the floor – not moving. After his arrest, authorities have charged Raymond with two counts of murder. 

10 Facts On Raymond Michael Weber

Raymond Michael Weber is reported to be 29 years of age. His birth year is probably around the year 1991.After his capture, Raymond Michael Weber’s Instagram account has been taken down. It was reported that the offender had posted several live videos that showed him armed with a handgun with two women lying dead. Raymond Michael Weber has landed on headline news following his arrest in connection to two murders. Although a Wikipedia page does not exist for Michael, several media portals have covered him on their breaking news stories. According to the police, Raymond Michael Weber had barricaded himself inside the apartment. After an eight-hour-long stand-off, the authorities were able to detain him. The death cause of the two women, who were found dead at the residence, is still under investigation. Meanwhile, the victim’s identification has been withheld by the officials. It is not the first time Raymond has been accused of felony charges. Over the years, Weber has been involved with several crimes. Speaking of which, Weber was a person of interest in the 2014 fatal shooting of his then-girlfriend, Nicole Duarte. Currently, Weber is held at Solano County Jail. Further, he has also been denied bail. On February 2, 2021, Weber is set to appear at the court for a hearing.

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