Pam & Tommy: Who Is Zack Gold Wife? Meet The Actor On Instagram

Zack Gold is married to his beautiful wife, Erin Goldstein. Learn more about them through the article here. 

Zack Gold has appeared on The Colbert Report and on Howie Mandel’s hit prank show Deal With It, where he had a recurring improv-based part.

Zack was nominated for Best Comedy Actor in a Web Television Series by the International Academy Of Web Television in 2013 for his major part in the viral comedy smash series Stockholm.

He continues to work and play with Tim Robbins’ The Actors’ Gang, as well as at Upright Citizens Brigade, where he works as an improv performer and sketch writer.

Pam & Tommy: Who Is Zack Gold Wife? His Instagram Explored

Zack Gold is married to Erin Goldstein. Unfortunately, there is not enough information about the actor’s wife.

Zack often posts adorable pictures with his wife on his Instagram profile. You can find him there by the username @goldyzack.

He posted a heartwarming picture with his wife on Instagram during their anniversary.

He captioned the post, “The experts said she wouldn’t be able to stand me for four whole years. But the experts were wrong! I love you @erin.goldstein – Happy Anniversary!”

As of January 2022, he has gained more than 1000 followers there. Similarly, his wife is also on Instagram under the username @erin.goldstein.

Since Erin is a secretive person, she has kept her Instagram profile perfect.

How Old Is Zack Gold? His Age Details

Zack Gold has not shared any details about his age. However, based solely on his picture, the actor might be in his 30s.

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Zack grew up in San Francisco, where he began his acting career alongside his actress mother in theater shows.

He relocated to Los Angeles after graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a BFA in Acting, where he worked in television, cinema, and theater.

Zack has starred in over eleven feature films, several of which were shot in China, Iraq, New Orleans, Seattle, and Hollywood.

What Is Zack Gold Net Worth?

As per different sources, Zack Gold’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

The amount of money an actor earns is determined by the audience’s perception of the character’s worth. It also relies on their celebrity, the type of film they’re in, and the importance of their performance.

According to the most recent SAG figures, the typical member makes $52,000 per year, with the great majority of members earning less than $1,000.

According to U.S. News, the median wage for actors in 2019 was roughly $40,860.

The highest-paid 25% of performers took home $58,580, while the least-paid 25% took home only $25,180. In the meantime, the average wage was $58,280.

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