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The speculation on Paige Rice death in Birmingham has spread like wildfire. However, the exact details of the Queensway tunnel car crash are not out in public yet. 

Paige Rice is reported to have died after an accident under the passage of the River Mersey.

Nevertheless, according to the preliminary reports, alongside a lady speculated to be Paige Rice and two different men have been affirmed to be genuinely harmed after Tunnel Crash.

Paige Rice Death In Birmingham Car Accident

The discussions and condolence messages on social media are pouring on for the Paige Rice death incident.

However, the basic information on the accident and its relation to Paige Rice is not yet confirmed. The details on Paige is also not available on the public internet domain yet.

There are no pages on Wikipedia or any other reputed platform to confirm the identity of Paige Rice yet.

The public is waiting for the actual incident to be revealed from the concerned authorities.

We assume that she was the young girl known in public as the social media personality or influencer.

Paige Rice Age And Wiki

There are indications about a young girl who died in the Audi car crash beneath the Queensway Tunnel.

The information on Paige Rice age and wiki is not yet published.

Paige Rice might be the person who died in a car accident.

According to the witness who shared this information on the spot, the police department is still under investigation to confirm the news to the public alongside other details.

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The general public is reacting with sad messages and condolence to the personality.

Furthermore, The accident happened on October 17, 2021, at the Queensway tunnel. The police reached the spot, but it was very late. According to some users, she died on the scene after the accident.

The reason behind the car or accident is not yet told. The investigation is going on to the scene. Also, the driver’s detail is put in secret to be revealed on time.

Paige Rice Instagram Photos & Family

None of the family members has confirmed the news yet.

Family members are expected to post the funeral details on Twitter if the incident happens to be true. It is a piece of shocking and devastating news for a family.

None of the local media and newspapers yet covered her death.

Those who are aware of death are mourning on social media and offering prayers.

Similarly, there are no relatives who can be related to Paige Rice social media accounts. People are waiting eagerly to find out about what happened in the accident when the incident unfolds.

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