Obituary: Jim Matney Death Cause – How Did Johnson Central Coach Died?

The media is covering the news on the death of Jim Matney who was Johnson Central’s head football coach.  Let’s go through his Obituary. 

Coronavirus is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Some will become seriously ill and require medical attention. Some will have mild symptoms.

But yet so many others died out of the virus. Coach Jim was battling COVID-19 since last August but had passed away. Unfortunately a loss to the sports industry.

Obituary: Jim Matney Death Cause

Jim Matne’s death was announced by the Facebook post. His fans are extending their condolences and wishing his soul to rest in peace.

The mourn seems to grow as social media started getting more posts on his death. According to an article in the Herald Leader-

he contracted the virus at some point after his team played Henry Clay on August 20. He was transferred to a hospital in West Virginia.

Hundreds of people gathered at Golden Eagle field Sunday afternoon. The community gathered together to pray for Johnson Central football and Wrestling coach.

A local pastor says a prayer for the coach on the football field which created a different scene. The official obituary has not been shared yet.

The upcoming funeral detail has not been shared by his family as of now.

How Did Johnson Central Coach Die?

The Johnson Central Coach died out of Coronavirus. Many celebrities died out of coronavirus and many people lost their family members.

The virus has brought lots of changes in each individual’s life. Its new variant caused lots of dilemmas to the medical sector also.

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The vaccines against the virus are already given but yet the effects are unknown. We hope the coach rest in peace and extend the sincere prayer.

Know the age of the Coach

Matney was 47 years of age at the time of his death. He was named head coach of the Golden Eagles back in 2004. Matney won the 4A state title in 2016 going 14-1.

He led the Golden Eagles to a five-straight state title game appearance. He came to this season with 183 wins.

Meet Jim Matney’s Wife & Family

Jim Matney’s wife is Debby Matney. She said once Paintsville football, family and Thanksgiving have been part of her life as long as she remembers.

She grew up in a home full of sisters but football was part of the landscape. Jim said family and football just happen to be part of the marriage.

Debby is an avid football fan, when Debby and Jim went to a restaurant, they choose to sit at the table in front of the TV.

The couple first met at a Sheldon Clark Cardinals football game when she was “mascot substituting”. The couple complements each other.

The couple had two sons, Dalton and Carson, who play football as well.

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