Momo Okimoto

Momo Okimoto is a well-known media personality who is can be addressed as a social media influencer as well. She is available on all of the mainstream social media platforms which include Instagram, TikTok, twitter, Facebook, and twitch.

Name Momo Okimoto
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Japanese-American
Profession Gamer, Streamer
Instagram @momo.okimoto
Tiktok @momo.okimoto
Twitter @MomoOkimoto
Youtube Momo Okimoto
Facebook @momookimoto

She is also famous as an Instagram model. She is well known for her pretty face and amazing figure. She has her own twitch channel where she gained herself, 21 thousand followers. From her Twitch channel, she chats with people as she loves to talk with people. Her youtube channel also has more than 1.19 thousand subscribers whereas her Instagram is flooded with 29.9 thousand followers.

On her TikTok account, she is seen posting dancing videos and also many other entertaining videos. As a famous social media personality, she is also known as a social media personality who is loved by thousands of people.

10 Facts About Momo Okimoto:

Momo Okimoto has not yet revealed her age but we do know that she is currently in her twenties.She can be found active on the very popular social media platform called Instagram where she has gained 29.9 thousand followers. Her username is @momo.okimoto.We also do not know about her current love affair with any boyfriend.She is actually best known as a Twitch streamer who has around 21 thousand followers under her username @momookimoto.She is from Los Angeles, USA, and thus she is an American but her ethnicity is actually Japanese-American due to her Japanese roots.She has also not shared much about her parents in front of the media.Although her nationality is American, she loves Japanese culture very much.Momo seems to have completed her entire studies in the USA.She can also be found on other social media accounts like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.In fact, this Twitch streamer has gained around 1.19 thousand subscribers on YouTube, nearly 9577 followers on Twitter, almost 1140 followers on TikTok, and finally, her Facebook account has 1137 followers. 

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