Mike Hollingsworth Wikipedia – Where Is Anne Diamond Ex Husband Now?

Mike Hollingsworth Wikipedia doesn’t say much about his famous ex-wife Anne Diamond. She is a British journalist and broadcaster for Good Morning Britain for TV-am and Good Morning with Anne and Nick for BBC One.

Anne Diamond is reportedly single now and has been divorced to Mike Hollingsworth in 1999. 

She has also worked previously for BBC London, Loose Women, and is a regular writer for the Daily Mail.

Since 2003 Diamond has made regular appearances on Channel 5’s topical discussion show The Wright Stuff and its successor, Jeremy Vine.

What Does Mike Hollingsworth Wikipedia Say?

Mike Hollingsworth Wikipedia has some interesting details that feature his history about the parallel world as his ex-wife Anne Diamond. 

The history of losing a child and numerous affairs with younger girlfriends than his daughter attracted the people to peek into his personal life.

According to the various sources, Mike Hollingsworth does belong to the TV and radio broadcasting world. Mike and Anne decided to make a family when they were first introduced through the Journalism world.

At the same time, there is not much relationship turmoil on Anne Diamond side. She is reported to be single and working on various projects making the fame.

Diamond began her broadcasting career with BBC West in the UK before moving to another channel, TV Today, as a reporter and newsreader in 1979.

After moving to ATV, the news channel became Central Television in 1982, where she was paired up with Nick Owen.

The launch of the Nottingham-based ATV service was initially delayed for a month but then extended indefinitely. With the disputes going on, Diamond left to ITN before rejoining the BBC, becoming a reporter on the nightly programme Nationwide, and being a presenter on the BBC News After Noon.

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Anne Diamond left TV-am in 1990 to work full-time on TV Weekly, first produced by TVS and later by Topical Television, which Anne had presented since 1989.

Diamond was rejoined with Nick Owen to present the BBC daytime show Good Morning with Anne and Nick, running four years against ITV’s This Morning from 1992 till 1996.

Mike Hollingsworth Children Baby And Net Worth

Mike Hollingsworth And Anne raised five children together in ten years of marriage. However, they both have to go through devastating times when they lose their son Sebastian.

In 1991, following the death of her third son Sebastian, Diamond successfully campaigned for research into cot death.

The campaign, which she co-founded, has cut the incidence of cot death in the UK from 2,000 a year to around 300.

Mike Hollingsworth actual net worth is not revealed, but as a person related to media and Journalism, he must have amasses somewhere around $1-2 million

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