Michael Schoeffling Now: Where Is His Wife Valerie Robinson Today?

Where is Michael Schoeffling Now? Here is his whereabouts and wife explored.

Mr. Schoefffling is a former actor and model based in the United States. He rose to fame following his role as Jake Ryan in the movie “Sixteen Candles.”

Apart from that, he worked in 8 more movies including, Sylvester, Wild Heart Can’t Be Broken, and many more.

The star, however, retired from acting in 1991 and has not been seen since.

Currently, his whereabouts have once again been highlighted all thanks to his daughter’s modeling career.

Michael Schoeffling: Where Is He in 2021?

Michael Schoeffling, now 60, was every girl’s crush during the 1980s.

The actor suddenly left Hollywood and vanished from the media as well.

As per the source, after quitting acting, the star moved back to his hometown Pennsylvania and started his own furniture business.

The reason for him living acting is said to be due to a lack of suitable roles.


Moreover, it is also said that Michael was an excellent wrestler who even won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling, prior to his acting career.

Meet His Wife Valerie Robinson

Schoeffling’s wife is Valerie Robinson.

The couple had met in the sets of one of the movies. They fell in love and got married in 1987. Valerie is also a famous American actress.

Moreover, the pair is blessed with 2 beautiful daughters; Zara Schoefflings and Scarlet Schoefflings.

Furthermore, Scarlet, his daughter, has followed in her father’s footsteps and is now a professional model based in New York.


So, as of now Michael and Valerie must be living their retired life in Pennsylvania.

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His Net Worth Explored

Michael Schoeffling’s net worth is off the record as of now.

However, we assume he has been living a pleasant life out of his accomplished furniture business.


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