Marie Dyhrberg Age: How Old Is She?

Marie Dyhrberg has been in the field of law since an early age. To know more details on this prolific lawyer, read the full article. 

Marie Dyhrberg is a senior Barrister specializing in Criminal Law. She appears regularly at the District Court, High Court, and Court of Appeal in New Zealand.

She also appears with clients before the Parole Board.

Marie Dyhrberg Net Worth

Marie Dyhrbergs net worth is yet to be calculated.

She is one of the best defense lawyers in the country, working in this field for the last 40 years and having worked on major posts in the judicial system, it can be said that she has a very high earning and net worth.

Although we don’t have exact figures to how much she earns or is worth, we can assume that she has a high, maintained lifestyle and her net worth is probably in millions.

Meet Marie Dyhrberg Husband and Family

Marie Dyhrberghas not disclosed any information regarding her husband or family.

It may be due to some privacy reasons as she is a high-profile criminal defense lawyer. She is not on any social media platforms and has kept her personal life private.

Marie Dyhrberg Age

There are no details about Marie Dyhrbergs age on the web.

She is probably around in her mid to late 60s.

For over 30 years, Dyhrberg has sat on the front row seat to the most high-profile crimes and controversial criminals. From the cells of Paremoremo to the halls of the High Court, she has earned respect as one of the best defense lawyers in the country.

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Who is Marie Dyhrberg? Wiki Explored

Marie is a Senior Magistrate of the Pitcairn Magistrate’s Court and is currently convenor of the Auckland District Law Society.

She specializes in criminal law, including criminal jury trials for homicides, sexual violation, rape, fraud and traffic offenses, significant drug importations, manufacture and supply, assaults.

Marie has worked in several legal positions throughout her career.

Some of them include the President of the New Zealand Criminal Bar Association and Chair of the Criminal Law Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA), the largest organization of Law Societies.

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