Mariah Mallad Cosplay, Biography, Age, Wikipedia And Onlyfans – Momokun Controversy Explained

In July 2018, Momokun Controversy became very real after the meet and greet of Mariah Mallad got canceled because of her past actions. 

After Mariah Mallad’s meet and greet got canceled because people started coming forward with their stories and how they were assaulted or how they saw her assaulting someone, the hashtag #momokuniscanceled started trending.

Afterward, videos started surfacing online of her sexually harassing convention-goer, which made her lose her fans. 

The short clips and videos showed the cosplayer engaging in sexual contact with convention-goer, presumably against their consent and to the obvious discomfort of others. 

Momokun Controversy Explained: Why Was Mariah Mallad Cosplay Cancelled?

After Mariah Mallad was accused of sexual assaults during conventions, her cosplay got canceled, largely known as Momokun Controversy.

In 2018, Dere Love Club, which functions as the branch of Creator’s Guild Clothing, announced on July 3 that its Anime Expo 18 booth would arrange a meet and greet for the cosplayer Momokun.

After the announcement was tweeted from the official page of Dere Love Club, one person spoke up against her.  

The reply, “Are you aware that she sexually assaults people at conventions?” ignited a chain reaction. 

A flood of cosplayers and convention attendees came forward to share their stories and experiences in response to the complaints of improper behavior.

The Dere Love Club crew acted quickly, and after receiving an outpouring of detailed reports from many members of the community, Momokun’s meet and greet were canceled. This started the hashtag #momokuniscanceled.

Creators Guild also canceled mariah’s badge, therefore removing the cosplayer’s relationship with them and any benefits that may have accrued as a result of it at any event that the company sponsors.

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Insight On Mariah Mallad – Age And Wiki Details

Mariah Mallad is 26 years old. By profession, she is a model and a cosplayer. 

After being born in the United States on September 19, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan, she opted to pursue a career in modeling. 

Before becoming famous, she was an enthusiastic gamer, which prompted her love of cosplay modeling.

She became well-known after sharing cosplay photos and videos on Instagram. Later, she was canceled after multiple sexual assaults surfaced. 

To name just one, she pulled down one cosplayer’s top, exposing their breast while surrounded by a crowd. 

She apologized to the public and gave a poor excuse for her inappropriate behavior. She blamed her actions on ADHD, trying to avoid responsibility. This angered those who suffer from ADHD. Many of them came forward to call that a falsehood, claiming that having ADHD does not usually lead to sexual assault.

There are also allegations that she plagiarized character and costume designs. Despite her claims of working tirelessly on costumes, much of her work is bought or manufactured by others.

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