Manhattan Transfer’s Sing A Study In Brown Lyrics

Intro: Picture this: Rhythm n’ happiness Souls in bliss ‘n havin’ fun (Oh no) If you can’t there’s nothin’ to it (Oh no) I’m thinkin’ I have t’ paint you one

Verse: I’m gonna paint a sepia panorama so full of life the painting will come alive Bathed in blues ‘n full of drama An’ all the swing they needed so they’d survive I’ll add some tans an’ yellow ocher Such soul! So full of rhythm an’ then some orange t’ tone up the black a bit My goal is to be with ’em Purple haze t’ lull the smoker What swing! What syncopation an cherry red t’ loosen the back a bit That thing captured a nation

An’ then a mere patina of subtle green Get down with me – you’ll dig my study in brown to lighten up the purple n’ tone it down Get down with me – tell about it all over town A dancing glow to highlight the subtle scene Get down with me – Dig how I’m paintin’ the town an’ there you’ll have a study in brown My study in brown

Well, git brown! Oh yeah, brown is the pigment Well, git down! Oh yeah, that’s what cha’ really meant Clown! Oh yeah, that’s some study

We’re puttin’ down “A Study In Brown”

Coda: (That’s why we’re callin’ it, “A Study In Brown!”)

Git brown! Oh yeah, brown is the pigment n’ git down! Oh yeah, that’s what cha’ really meant Clown! Oh yeah, that’s some study

Dig what I mean! It’s in the scene

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Guitar solo

What cha’ talkin’ ’bout? (Rhythm-A-Ning) That’s my scene rhythm n’dancin’ (Rhythm-A-Ning) you can add real romancin’ (Yep!) I’ll come clean, That’s the way I like it Y’ start real thin, then put some color in (Rhythm-A-Ning) Fuschia hues blended with subtones (Rhythm-A-Ning) Spread them blues, blarin’ trombones (Yep!) Paint that scene Just the way I like it A dab or two – that’s how to do it.

Piano Solo Y’ talkin’ loud, hope people hear y’

Guitar Solo Hey dad! Mama’s gonn git ‘cha soon as you git home!

Piano Solo That’s the ticket But where’d y’fin’ th’ wicket? Repeat from Verse to Coda

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