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Louise Cliffe Biography

Louise Cliffe born Louise Sylvia Cliffe is a British actress, singer, writer, and model. She started to appear in US productions as of 2009. Much of her career has been in the UK. She is best known for playing the role of Sophie in the horror film Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead.

She was a contestant on 2011 UK series of Big Brother. Louise is also known for winning Miss Manchester in 2006.

Louise Cliffe Age

The British actress was born on 9 December 1986 in Middleton, United Kingdom. As of 2018, she is 32 years old.

Louise Cliffe Height

She measures a height of 5 ft 9 in which is equivalent to 1.75 meters tall. She has an average weight of 58 kilograms.

Louise Cliffe Stuart Pilkington

Louise and Pilkington are a couple and they were recently blessed with a baby boy. The baby was called Eli Mark Pilkington. He is 2 years old as of 2019.

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Louise Cliffe And Jay Mckray Wedding | Louise Cliffe And Jay Mckray Marriage

The couple found love in the Big Brother house back in 2011. All was well as they seemed to have succeeded where their fellow reality show romances failed. A year after Jay and Louise had tied the knot, the couple called time on their relationship. Louise is said to be devastated at the end of the couple’s union, after truly believing the former plumber was her ‘happily ever after’.

Their wedding took place during the summer eve.

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Louise Cliffe Music

Cliffe recorded her first single in 2009, which was a collaborative effort with the Social Network and released on Green Garden Records. The piece is a social commentary of the faceless/only face nature of social dating, and Louise appears as five different characters in the video release.

Louise Cliffe Wedding

Louise Cliffe Net Worth

Louise has an estimated net worth of 900,000 dollars.

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Louise Cliffe Interview

Louise Cliffe: International Model, Actress & Singer Reveals Her Success Mantra!

Ms. Louise Cliffe: My advice would be – always stay true to yourself. Don’t get dragged into the partying lifestyle. Keep your wits about you and stay healthy and focused and the rewards will come.

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Ms. Namita Nayyar: You have done bold photo shoots with Maxim, Bizarre, Front, Loaded, FHM, OK!, Stuff, The Magazine, Zoo, Nuts, Ice and Switched On.. How you are so body confident and advice to your compatriots?

Ms. Louise Cliffe: I’m 2 people. I’m Lou in the day and Louise on shoots. I’m a very reserved person in real life but when the camera is on I become someone else. Modeling is very hard, it’s not that easy as people think. You learn as the years go by. You learn how your body looks best, the way your face looks.

Ms. Namita Nayyar: What you wish to say about the website Womenfitness.net and message for its visitors?

Ms. Louise Cliffe: It’s a great website, you can learn a lot and gets lots of tips about getting fit, there’s something for everyone on there.

Source: Women Fitness

Louise Cliffe News

‘My little precious Eli’: Big Brother star Louise Cliffe shares intimate snaps of her breastfeeding newborn son days after giving birth

She gave birth to her first child, a baby boy named Eli Mark, on Thursday.

And Big Brother star Louise Cliffe has already begun doting on her little arrival, who she shares with partner Stu Pilkington, as she took to Instagram with some breastfeeding snaps on Saturday.

‘Feeding my little precious Eli. So glad to get him home after 15 hours of labor,’ the 30-year-old captioned a black and white image which saw her engaging in the precious moment.

‘Can’t thank the maternity team enough at Wythenshawe Hospital who helped me through it ❤,’ she continued on.

Clearly not ready to quit gushing about the newborn, the reality star shared another close-up image of the moment.

The picture, which sported the same filter, was titled: ‘Feeding time for my little angel,’ alongside two baby emojis.

On Thursday, Louise shared the good news of her son’s arrival on her Instagram account, alongside the announcement of his name.

She posted a heartwarming black and white collage of the tiny tot, including a sweet snap of his father planting a tender kiss on his forehead.

Louise wrote: ‘Our son Eli Mark Pilkington born the 1st of March at 3.30pm. We can’t put into words how much we love him already or the emotions we went through.

‘The hardest day of my life was also the best day of my life. Thank you to @stupilkington for looking after me and supporting me ❤

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‘Welcome to the world my beautiful son.’

Louise, who appeared on Big Brother in 2011, previously opened up to MailOnline about all things pregnancy and her partner Stu – who she admits chased her for 10 years before they got together.

During her pregnancy, she confessed she was struggling with her energy levels, saying: ‘I’m knackered all the time. I feel like a big fat lazy pig. I’m just loling about all the time.

‘It’s the only time you can do it when you’re pregnant and you’re allowed. I’m just completely zapped of energy. Stu helps… He does a lot.

Louise opened up about her and Stu’s union having previously been married to Jay McKray, who she met in the Big Brother house, although they split in 2013 after less than a year of marriage.

After their split, Louise struck up a flame in Big Brother 9 contestant Stu, who she met 10 years previously: ‘I and Stu are really happy, it’s our first baby together. I met him 10 years ago in a club and he tried to get my number but I was having none of it at the time.

‘I thought, I don’t know about him, it was weird. He got a girl to come down and give me his number and that was it. I didn’t see him. I went off down to London and he went traveling and did his thing.

‘Then we got back in touch when I started going out more and seeing him at events and we became friends. He was there for me at a low point in my life and he called me. He helped me, he was a positive friend. I realized I liked him different.

‘He made the first move 100% he always tried to make the first move! He’s always been after me, always. He’s lucky, very lucky! He’s got a normal girl not a crazy girl. He’s happy he’s finally got me.’

While their baby boy is Louise’s first child, Stu has a 13-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, which she revealed was a big factor in her moving from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend.

She said: ‘He’s already got a child from a previous relationship and he’s an amazing dad… That’s what attracted me to him, how good he was. When we were friends I thought he’s such a good dad, he’s her life. I know he’s a good one when it comes to being a dad.

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‘I’m very accepting of him that he has a little girl. I love his daughter. She’s 14 soon. She’s lovely. We get on really well. We have her every weekend. We’re based in Manchester.’

Louise opened up about the keys to a successful relationship – with acceptance being her top tip: ‘The secret to a good relationship is accepting people for who they are, accepting who they are… You’ve got to have fun. Yeah I do think marriage is on the horizon.

‘We wanted to get married first because we’re traditional. We wanted to get married first but it’s gone the other way… I want three kids. I need to get a move on. I’m getting older! I’m 30 now! People think I’m like 22.’

Speaking of her sensational figure, Louise revealed she believes body shaming can go both ways – with thinner women suffering at the hands of trolls similarly to big women.

She said: ‘I feel like there’s constant pressure for women at the moment. There’s no right or wrong image… Slim girls get criticized, to be honest.

‘I do get body shamed for my figure. I feel like I am not a woman because I’m not a major curvaceous. Now I’m pregnant I’m feeling more womanly.

‘I felt self-conscious in the past in relationships for not being proper curvy. I have experienced thin body shaming, I read articles from other women saying you have to be curvy.’

Speaking of her birth at the time, she admitted she would consider eating her placenta, wants a water birth and will ban processed food: ‘I cook everything from scratch no processed. I’ll be making all the baby’s food from scratch.

‘Breastfeeding. Everything! Each to their own on eating the placenta. It’s meant to be quite good for you. I need to read into it a bit more. If it’s beneficial I would if I knew it would help.

‘I’m terrified of the birth. It’s scary, isn’t it! I’ve kind of thought about water birth. I’d like to be in a hospital in case of complications. I’ve got over the fear and I think I’m ready we all have to go through it us women.’

Source: Daily Mail

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