Londa Butler

Facts of Londa Butler

Full Name Londa Butler
First Name Londa
Last Name Butler
Profession Celebrity Mother
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight

Londa Butler is the mother of Jimmy Butler. 

Jimmy’s real name Jimmy Butler III isa professional basketball player for an NBA team named Miami Heat. 

Londa’s unacceptable behavior towards her child Jimmy

Londa is a parent of Jimmy, but her behavior towards him is not acceptable. 

We all know Jimmy, a popular name in Basketball ground but didn’t have any idea of his personal life. 

The man was originally raised in Houston. 

The player never knew about his biological father, whereas his mother didn’t show him love and support. 

Because Londa had told her son that she doesn’t prefer his looks, and he should probably go far away. 

Well, this incident happened when he was just in his teenage. 

But accepting the fact, the young Jimmy slept over at his different friend’s house one night after another.

Her son Jimmy Butler’s turning point 

If you think that his mother, Londa, had accepted him again, then it is wrong. 

But one day, he became good buddies with Jordan Leslie (wide receiver of football team Denver Broncos), which became a turning point in Jimmy’s life. 

The time both spent in Jordan’s house had changed their relation from friends to a family where Michelle Lambert (Jordan’s mother) accepted him openly, not because of basketball, but the lady was of loving nature. 

Michelle supported him in every way, resulting in being a great player and blessed with a good family.

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Is the son of Londa, the husband of Kaitlin Nowak?

Clearing the fact, her son Jimmy isn’t the husband of the lady Kaitlin but the partner. 

There isn’t much detail regarding their matters as they both preferred to remain private. 

But it’s been stated that the lady professionally serves as a model and is a daughter of a businessman (father) and an entrepreneur (mother). 

Kaitlin is originally from Nebraska and had gone to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and graduated in Applied communication, Advertising, and Public Relations, after which only she stepped into the modeling career. 

Without marrying, Jimmy is a father to a baby girl

Londa’s son is a father to a little girl. Yes, it is true. 

This was great news for both duos as they got to experience parenthood. 

They named their daughter Rylee. 

The player didn’t attend his three games, including Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks, and Timberwolves, because he wanted to be there with his partner when his girl arrived. 

Moreover, there isn’t any revelation of their daughter; many were spotted congratulating him, including Erik (head coach of Miami), whose words stated Jimmy as a proud pop.

Not the wedding, but he (Londa’s son) got linked up with many ladies?

It’s been said that his son got linked with many ladies before. Here, we will discuss some of them, which stars Miley Cyrus. 

The talk arose when the player was spotted in her show back in 2013. 

After two years, he was then linked up with Charmaine Piula, and it had been said that their relationship didn’t last for much. 

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Shay Mitchell and Jimmy were together in 2016 and were spotted having lunch together. 

Kawahine Andrade and Selena Gomez’s names were also counted later on. 

Net worth

Since Londa Butler’s exact information is not given, instead, we can count on her son Jimmy whose total estimated net worth is approx. $27.6 million. 


Her son Jimmy is 31 years old.

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