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Lilibeth Romero Biography

Lilibeth Romero born Lilibeth Lagman Romero was the former partner to the late Eddie Garcia for more than 30 years. Her husband was a Filipino actor, television personality, film director and producer.

He was regarded as the “greatest Filipino actor of all time” having acted in the most number of appearances in Philippine movies. Her husband died on 20 June 2019.

Lilibeth Romero Age

Romero’s age is yet to be determined as she maintains a low profile about herself. This information will be updated soon.

Lilibeth Romero Husband

Lilibeth was not married to Eddie Garcia but were in a relationship for more than 30 years. Eddie was born Eduardo Verchez García but was known professionally as Eddie Garcia or Manoy Eddie.

Eddie was previously married but his wife died in 1995 due to cancer. They had two children; a son who died of a motorcycle accident in 1971, prior to his death he had appeared in two movies one with Nora [Aunor] and one with Vilma [Santos], and a daughter who died at the age of 39 due to a heart attack.

Lilibeth Romero Children

Lilibeth is the mother of Mikee Romero who is a Filipino politician, businessman and sportsman. He is the team owner of GlobalPort Batang Pier in the Philippine Basketball Association. He is also the representative of 1-Pacman Party-List in the 17th Congress of the Philippines.

Lilibeth Romero Tribute

Eddie died on June 20, 2019. His death was confirmed by family friend Bibeth Orteza and spokesperson Tony Rebosa. His death comes after he had fallen into a coma after suffering an accident on the set of his new TV show, Rosang Agimat.

On June 9, he was rushed to the hospital in Tondo, Manila after he fell over a wire that was blocking his way and collapsed. The next day he remained unconscious and was transferred to an intensive care unit.

Lilibeth Romero Photo

The initial reports said he suffered a heart attack on the set, but it was later discovered that he had suffered a neck fracture, possibly due to his fall.

Prior to Eddie’s death, Lilibeth Lagman Romero did an interview with The Manila Times where she revealed that she wouldn’t be pulling Eddie out of life support despite the doctors warning that his organs could fail “one by one.”

“In the four days since I transferred Eddie here from Mary Johnston Hospital [in Tondo] where he was taken after the incident, his team of doctors has explained to me every day how with minimal brain function, his organs will begin to fail one by one.

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But for one reason or another, his heart remains very strong and he’s still fighting — that’s why I want him to go when he wants to go and never thought once of pulling him off life support.”

She also revealed that if Eddie was to wake up he would be paralyzed from neck down.

“But even if he wakes up and let’s say his heart and kidneys continue to function, he will be paralyzed from the neck down according to the doctors. His neck snapped from the fall when his head hit the pavement.”

She also revealed that she has asked the doctors when Garcia would die but they told her that only God knew.

“So again, why would I sign any papers [to pull him off life support] when no one knows that di’ba? That’s just my own logic. I mean I’m ready but still, the feeling is you don’t want him to go. Sabi ko naman, I’ve never left the hospital since we got here and I’ll be here for him the whole time.

Because just like anybody in the family who’s sick, you stay beside him, you don’t go home. So I told the doctors when it comes to it… if it comes to it… they can just call me from up here [in the hospital room] if I’m not at the ICU and I’ll make the decision then.”

Lilibeth Romero Husband Cremation

Eddie once revealed in an interview that he had paid for his cremation; “I’ve paid for my cremation. I’ve paid. My helicopter pilot-friend will pick up the ashes from the crematory and spread in Manila Bay.”

Lilibeth Romero Net Worth

Her net worth is yet to be determined. This information will soon be updated.

Lilibeth Romero Facebook

Lilibeth Romero Instagram

She is not on Instagram. This information will soon be updated.

Lilibeth Romero Twitter

She is not on twitter. This information will soon be updated.

Lilibeth Romero News

Lilibeth Romero remembers Eddie Garcia: ‘I thought he was immortal’

Lilibeth Romero is an enigma – both known to all and to only a few. As the long-time partner of the late entertainment icon Eddie Garcia, she’s had to contend with having a considerably more public profile.

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“He was, really, my Superman,” said Romero on Sunday, June 23, on the last day of the wake for Garcia at the Heritage Memorial Part in Taguig City. To her, Garcia, 90 years strong when he died, was her “protector.”

It was likely because of this role, Romero told a crowd of family, friends, and fans, that she didn’t realize the sort of impact an Eddie Garcia leaves behind. “I never realized that Eddie is this loved, this respected, and this popular,” she said.

Romero also shared a bittersweet anecdote from the days they spent at the Makati Medical Center, where Garcia stayed while he was comatose for nearly two weeks.

The doctors, said Romero, said Garcia’s blood pressure was steadily declining just as she was ready to say goodbye. But at the last minute, Romero said, she’d change her mind. True enough, Garcia’s blood pressure would steadily go up, the fight still in him.

It was June 20 when Romero finally stepped out of Garcia’s side for an extended time to share a very late first meal with family. At around 4:35 pm, she said, their bodyguard called and told her to return to the ICU. A call from a nurse who sounded like she was in tears followed.

Inside the ICU, Romero finally told Garcia: “You’ve been lifeless, and I don’t think I want you to be looking this way. I want you to be pogi (good looking), wag mo na kami alalahanin (don’t worry about us).”

True enough, Romero recalled, Garcia was declared dead at 4:55 pm. He was 90.

Garcia’s widow made it a point to remind the crowd: never take your loved ones for granted, and always make it a point to say goodbye. “I never said goodbye to him because I thought he was immortal,” she said.

June 23 was the last night of Garcia’s wake. His remains, which were cremated the day he died, will stay with Romero. –

Partner of 33 years reveals last words for Eddie Garcia

Lilibeth Romero, veteran actor Eddie Garcia’s partner for 33 years, has revealed what she told “Manoy” moments before he died.

During the late actor’s wake in Taguig City, Romero delivered a eulogy for Eddie, who she has long considered as her “Superman.”

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According to her, she never said goodbye to Garcia since she always saw him as “immortal.”

She shared that on June 20, Thursday, she went out to have her “first meal with family,” when she received a call from their bodyguard at around 4:35 p.m.

The bodyguard asked Romero to return immediately to Makati Medical Center, where Eddie was in a critical and comatose state for over a week following his fall while taping for an action scene in the GMA show “Rosang Agimat.”

Romero then rushed to Eddie’s side and stayed there until his last breath.

“You’ve been lifeless, and I don’t think I want you to be looking this way. I want you to be pogi, ‘wag mo na kami alalahanin,” she recalled whispering to him.

At 4:55 p.m., the actor was declared dead.

Dr. Tony Rebosa told ABS-CBN in an interview that Lilibeth was “quite composed” when the actor was declared dead.

“Lilibeth is quite composed, unlike the last few days. She knows that Tito Eddie is now at peace and there’s no more pain,” Rebosa added.

During Romero’s eulogy, she reminded everyone to not take their loved ones for granted.

“Not a scene from a teleserye or a movie. Eddie was the gentlest, sweetest and sincerest person I‘ve ever known,” Lilibeth said in a Facebook post.

“I know I have given him the best care, I have thanked him for all the 33 years we have laughed, cried, joked, loved, lived and shared beautifully together. Painful as it may, you have answered me also beautifully with all the tears that welled in your eyes just before the Lord took you back home. I will always love you,” she said in another post.

“You are the most awarded actor in the Philippine Cinema Industry! The Philippine Army has honored you with a 21 gun salute in your memorial service. It is my honor to receive the Philippine flag as a recognition of all your undying love and service to our country and the Filipino people! BRAVO, Mr. EDDIE ‘MANOY’ GARCIA! A life so blessed and fulfilled! Rest in the bosom of our Lord as you will always be in our hearts. We love you!” Lilibeth said in another tribute on Monday.

Source: Phil Star

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