LeBron James’ Alleged Side Chick Sofia Jamora Breaks Her Silence on Affair Rumors Wiki,Biography.

Finally, Sofia Jamora replied to rumours saying she was hooked up with LeBron James, the married basketball player. The Instagram model took to her social media to discuss the internet buzz that began after they were reportedly revealed online by fellow model Erza Haliti.

Sofia cleared the air, hot on the heels of her 23rd birthday party, when she said that she was not buddies with Erza. She assured her followers, “I am not affiliated whatsoever with this girl, ‘Erza.’ ” She maintained that she was “also in fact not affiliated with any man sexually.”Sofia Jamora is referring to reports about LeBron James

In another message, the birthday girl announced her special position, claiming that she was only walking away from a friendship. The past two months, I have been on and off of an incredibly violent and toxic relationship,”I’ve been on and off of an extremely abusive and toxic relationship the past couple of months,”She told those with similar situations to “try to find the strength as I have to walk away and try to move forward.”

It is uncertain if LeBron or another person was the man she used to date, but she claimed she abhorred adultery. “Don’t let society normalize cheating, lying and hate. There are toxic traits that manipulate you into believing the person actually loves you when they’re just using you as their own punching bang because they don’t love themselves and want to drag you down with them,” she wrote.

Sofia Jamora is splitting up with a mate of hers.Sofia had previously hinted that she had been injured. “You will hurt. You will heal,” she posted in one enigmatic message and added in another, “People don’t recognize how much words can actually hurt.” Her comment section was soon filled by individuals wondering if she was talking about the LeBron controversy. Damn yoy friends have turned on you and bron?”Damn yo friends turned on you and bron?”

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She did not respond to any posters, but she re-tweeted the post about the value of loyalty from MoneyBagg Yo. It read, “Might forgive u a thousand times but only trust you once.”Erza remained quiet in the meantime. As soon as her Instagram post about Sofia and LeBron’s supposed affair went viral on the site, the former Miss Idaho who’s married to Denver Broncos tight end Nick Vannett was swift to place her Instagram on private.

“Am I the only one that’s not a fan of LeBron?” she mused before adding, “I guess I’ve never been a fan of guys that cheat on their wives especially with @sofiajamora.”LeBron and his partner, Savannah Brinson, were both both tight-lipped. After having met on and off for years, the pair tied the knot in 2013. They have two kids, and a daughter has one.

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