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Larry Hankin Biography

Larry Hankin Larry Michael Hankin is an American actor, performer, director, comedian and producer. He is known for his major film roles as Charley Butts in Escape from Alcatraz (1979), Ace in Running Scared (1986), and Carl Alphonse in Billy Madison (1995). He had smaller roles as Doobie in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Sergeant Balzak in Home Alone and as Mr. Heckles in Friends.

Hankin studies acting at Syracuse University. He is known for his roles in TV shows Friends (as “Mr. Heckles”) and Seinfeld; as well as for his major role in the movie Escape from Alcatraz with Clint Eastwood. Also, he played a significant role in the movie Billy Madison along with Adam Sandler. He had cameo appearances in three John Hughes films, Home Alone, Planes, Trains and Automobiles and She’s Having A Baby, as well as minor roles in The Sure Thing and Running Scared. In 1980, he shared an Academy Award nomination for Best Short Film, Live-action for Solly’s Diner. Hankin also appeared in Married…with Children, as well as one of the Halloween specials of Home Improvement.

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In Seinfeld, Hankin portrayed Tom Pepper, the actor cast as Kramer on the pilot within a TV show Jerry. In real life, he had actually auditioned for the role of Kramer when Seinfeld began production. Larry David initially felt that Hankin best matched his idea of what the character would be like in comparison to his real-life inspiration, Kenny Kramer, but Michael Richards ultimately landed the role.

He appeared in Season 3 of Breaking Bad as a junkyard owner.

Larry Hankin Age

Born on August 31 1940 he is 79 years of age as of 2019. Hankin was first seen on a major coast-to-coast basis in 1969. He was one of the members of a young, hip comedy troupe (including David Steinberg and Lily Tomlin) on an odd 45-minute TV variety series The Music Scene. Before this program, Hankin had a small part in the 1968 film domestic comedy How Sweet it Is (1968); after Music Scene, the actor had the misfortune to appear in the legendary all star fiasco The Phynx (1970), which never did get a general release.

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Larry Hankin Height

He stands at a height of 6′ 4″. Larry is a veteran in the show business gathering a massive 184 credits as an actor to his name. He also has 16 credits as a writer, 13 credits as a producer and 6 credits as a director.

Larry Hankin Family|Larry Hankin Married

Hankin is a private guy and does not reveal much about his love life in the media. He is not married so is single as for now and there have been no controversies related to Larry.

Similar to his personal life, he portrays Mr. Heckles in the famous Sitcom FRIENDS, who is single and alone as well. Mr. Heckles was never seen with any woman, nor was there any hint of him having a family member in the show.

Larry Hankin Home Alone

He appeared in the first movie (Home Alone) as a Police Officer who receives a transferred phone call from another office on ‘line 2’.He spoke to Kate McCallister and asked her numerous irrelevant questions.

Larry Hankin Seinfeld

Tom Pepper is the actor hired to play Cosmo Kramer in the pilot of Jerry.

Tom auditions for the role, and blows the crew, including Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza, away with his likeness to Kramer and his ability to re-create Kramer’s mannerisms and quirks.

He steals a box of raisins during his auditions, but only George notices. George constantly tries to get Pepper to admit that he stole the raisins, only to be denied. He is later seen eating from a box of raisins before the taping of the pilot.

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Unlike Kramer, Pepper is level-headed, but has an extremely violent streak, threatening George with death and violent punishments.

Tom is portrayed by Larry Hankin, who auditioned for the actual role of Kramer before Michael Richards was cast. Larry portrayed Tom in “The Pilot”.

Larry Hankin Breaking BadLarry Hankin El Camino

He portrays Old Joe in Breaking Bad and El Camino .Walt & Jesse are forced to destroy their RV when a break in Hank Schrader’s “Blue Sky” meth case leads him to Jesse. Given his conversation with Hank, it can be believed that Old Joe has a fairly extensive legal knowledge. Not only does he hold his ground against Hank, he also helps to delay his search by making him get a warrant. When Hank is led away by a phony phone call by Saul Goodman, Old Joe destroys the RV.

Larry Hankin Movies

Bill Plympton Presents: Magnum Farce (announced) Mayor Culpa – Cookie (voice) Done Right (Short) (pre-production) Buddy 2020Cadillac Respect (Short) (filming) Mr. Hankin The Eden Theory (post-production) Farmer Joe 2019Date Nite (Short) (completed) Janitor 2019El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (completed) Old Joe 2019Baskets (TV Series) Mortician – Common Room Wake (2019) … Mortician 2019Wally Got Wasted Karl 2018Junk Drawer Magical Adventures (TV Series) Magic Al – The Magician Audition (2018) … Magic Al 2018Salami on White (Short) Larry 2018Barry (TV Series short) Stovka – Chapter Three: Make the Unsafe Choice (2018) … Stovka 2018Red Team Go The Homeless Guy 2018Appland (TV Movie) Fred Grassi 2017The House: A Hulu Halloween Anthology (TV Mini-Series) Old Man / The Projectionist – The Tree (2017) … Old Man – The Projectionist (2017) … The Projectionist 2017The Super Man (TV Series) Bart – Floyd Pays a Visit (2017) … Bart – Banana Bread (2017) … Bart 2016Emmett in Peopleland (Short) Emmett Deemus 2016Bad Internet (TV Series) Mr. Heckles / The Rock – Which of the “Friends” Are You? (2016) … Mr. Heckles / The Rock 2015How to Grow Your Own Buzzy 2015The Homeless Detective (TV Movie) Emmett Sagittarius Deemus 2015Adam Ruins Everything (TV Series) Larry – Adam Ruins Forensic Science (2015) … Larry 2015The Parting Shot (Short) Aaron 2015The Mourning Dad 2014You’ll Be Fine (TV Series) Sam Smothers – Crowd Funding (2014) … Sam Smothers 2014Elwood (Short) Sammy the Sausage 2013Nobuddies (Short) Larry the Dealer

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Larry Hankin Death Warrant

Larry Hankin Portrays Mayerson in Death Warrant .Death Warrant is a 1990 American action crime mystery-thriller film directed by Deran Sarafian and produced by Mark di Salle. The film was written by David S. Goyer while a student at USC, and was Goyer’s first screenplay to be sold and produced commercially. In the film, the police detective Louis Burke is going into a prison facility at California as an undercover cop in order to find out who stands behind a mysterious series of murders, and finds himself locked up with his nemesis; Christian Naylor, a psychotic serial killer who calls himself “The Sandman” whom sets out to exact revenge upon him after getting into prison.

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