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Kristine Leahy Husband | Aaron Hines Wiki

Kristine Leahy Husband is an American professional healthcare trainer, reality TV show star and neuroscience specialist well known as the boyfriend of Kristine Leahy, a renowned sports reporter and former host on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. He is also the director of training and instructor at Cycle House.

Kristine Leahy’s husband was born and raised alongside his sister in San Francisco in the 1980s when almost everyone who lived in the Bay Area was listening to Huey Lewis on the radio. He grew up with the desire of having a fit body, thus, he played basketball, football, and track during his teenage years.

Kristine Leahy Husband Age

Aaron Hines is 36 years old as of 2019 as he was born on August 28, 1983, in San Francisco, California, United States of America. He celebrates his birthday on August 28th every year and will be 47 years old on Aug. 28th, 2020.

Kristine Leahy Husband Height | Aaron Hines Height

Aaron Hines has an athletic body as he was a footballer and basketballer back in high school standing at a height of 1.83 meters. Since then, he has grown a few inches taller and is now 6 feet 2 inches which is equivalent to 1.9 meters.

Kristine Leahy Husband Education

Leahy’s husband attended high school in one of San Francisco’s top-ranked schools where he was indulged in sporting activities including basketball, football, and track. He was the best player in football during his time which got him a football scholarship to the University of California, Davis (UC Davis).

After graduating with a major in communications and a double minor in African American Studies and Sociology, Aaron Hines got his first job at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as a healthcare worker.

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Kristine Leahy Husband Family

Aaron Hines parents

After doing our research, details about his parents are not available as the healthcare instructor is very discrete about this information.

Aaron Hines Sister

Kristine Leahy’s husband has one sibling. He was brought up together with his sister, Nichelle Hines, an actress, indoor cycling trainer Cycle House owner.

In 2011, Nichelle introduced her brother to Cycling, a sport he still participates in up to date. Besides, the two have a close relationship and they both appeared on E! Network’s Spun Out reality show in 2015.

Aaron Hines Kristine Leahy | Kristine Leahy Husband

Kristine Leahy is in a relationship with a charming man who is rumored to be her personal trainer, Aaron Hines. The two presumably met at Cycle House where Aaron works as an instructor as well as the director of training. It is not known whether the lovebirds are engaged or planning to get married.

What we know is that Kristine Leahy posts intimate pictures of them having a good time both indoors and out in the public on her flooded social media pages. We will let you know when more about when the duo met and their relationship plans when we discover helpful information about their love life. Kristine Leahy is now a cohost at Fox’s radio show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

Aaron Hines Net Worth

In respect to his salary figures, there are no details showing what Kristine Leahy’s husband makes monthly or annually. He has not revealed his net worth as he is a simple person and never likes to attract public attention by publicly displaying his wealth. However, this section is under review, we will update you when details about his net worth are revealed.

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Aaron Hines Facts and Body Measurements

Full Name: Aaron Hines Age/ How Old?: 36 Date of Birth: August 28, 1983 Place of Birth: San Francisco, California Education‎: UC Davis Birthday: 28th Aug. Nationality: American Siblings: One sister Married?: Kristine Leahy Height/ How tall?: 1.9 m Weight: Not Available Profession: Healthcare trainer

Kristine Leahy Husband Career | Aaron Hines Trainer

Kristine Leahy’s husband started working at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as a healthcare worker immediately after successfully completing his studies at UC Davis. Pfizer is a worldwide biopharmaceutical company that is headquartered in New York.

Aaron’s work at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals was to deliver medicines and vaccines that have been developed and produced for a wide range of medical disciplines, including immunology, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology.

After three years since joining Pfizer, Leahy’s boyfriend resigned to take on a bigger task at Los Angeles where his healthcare or fitness training began. Afterward, his sister Nichelle influenced his interest in indoor cycling as she encouraged him to take her classes.

In September 2011, Nichelle established a fitness center, Cycle House, in West Hollywood, L.A., California and Aaron Hines was put on board to be an indoor instructor and director of training at the company. Since joining Cycle House, his legacy in the fitness world has become huge as he is one of the most influential and loved instructors in Los Angeles.

In addition, he is a certified instructor now offering a stern 3-month course to all new potential teachers who must pass in order to be qualified trainers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kristine Leahy Husband

Who is Kristine Leahy’s Husband? | Who is Aaron Hines?

Aaron Hines is an accomplished professional healthcare trainer who has gained extensive recognition as the boyfriend or future husband of the television host and sports reporter, Kristine Leahy.

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How old is Aaron Hines?

Kristine Leahy’s husband is an American national born on 28th August 1983, in San Francisco, California.

How tall is Kristine Leahy’s Husband?

Aaron Hines stands at a height of 1.9 meters.

Is Aaron Hines married?

No, he has been in a relationship with one of the most celebrated television hosts and sportscasters, Kristine Leahy for a few months now.

How much is Kristine Leahy’s Husband worth?

Aaron Hines has not yet revealed his net worth. We will update this section when we get and verify information about the wealth and properties under his name.

How much does Kristine Leahy’s Husband make?

There are no details showing what Aaron Hines earns annually or monthly from being a healthcare trainer. His salary figures will be updated as soon as they are available.

Where does Aaron Hines live?

Kristine Leahy’s husband is a resident of Los Angeles, CA, USA. We shall upload pictures of his house as soon as we have them.

Is Aaron Hines dead or alive?

He is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of him being sick or having any health-related issues.

Where is Kristine Leahy’s Husband Now?

Aaron Hines is still an active participant in the rigorous fitness world. He is the director of training as well as a personal instructor at Cycle House based in L.A.

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