Katherine Swati Kaling

Katherine Swati Kaling is a popular American personality. She has been in the limelight since she was born. She is actually famous for being the daughter of popular American comedian, Mindy Swati. However, her father’s identity has remained a mystery.

Name Katherine Swati Kaling
Birthday December 2017
Age 2 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Mindy Swati
Siblings N/A

Mindy has appeared in a lot of movies as well as television series like The Mindy Project, Late Night, The Office, etc. She has been a great friend to B.J. Novak. B.J. is Katherine’s godfather. According to Mindy, her father’s identity will remain secret and she has not even told her closest friends. This really has brought a lot of controversies in her life.


It is definitely going to be hard for Katherine if she won’t know who her father is. She was born in December 2017 and she is currently just two years old but once she starting growing, she will definitely seek her father. Mindy has not even posted a single picture of her daughter and wants to keep her face private as well. 

10 Facts About Katherine Swati Kaling:

Katherine Swat Kaling is an American who was born in Los Angeles, USA. She is popular for being the daughter of the popular American comedian named Mindy Swati.She was born in December 2017, and she is currently just 2 years old. Her height, weight, and other various measurements will be known in the future. She is too young to start school but will definitely attend one in the coming future.She has a godfather named B.J. Novak. Her father’s identity will be kept secret to all the people according to Mindy Swati. Currently, Katherine has been residing in her hometown in Los Angeles, USA along with her single mother. She is very young to use a social media account and Mindy has not dedicated any such social media accounts like many celebrities do. Katherine is too young to decide what she will do in the future. She has a whole career in front of her to decide what to do. 

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