Katharine Gun Husband: Learn Everything About Iraq War Whistleblower

Katharine Gun has managed to keep her husband’s photos and personal matters really private. Let’s learn more about the whistleblower.

Katharine Gun is a British Linguist and  Iraq War Whistleblower.

She is also well known as a GCHQ spy. The woman in her 20s attempted to stop the war and firmly stood to her truthful morals.

What’s more, her decision and movement to expose lies about the Iraq invasion made it be titled as the courageous and vital leak as per Democracy Now.

Katharine Gun Husband Photo Revealed?

Katharine Gun’s husband’s photo revelations are not made by her yet.

However, her husband and the father of her daughter’s name is Yasar Gun.

According to the Guardian, she has been living with her husband and their 13-year-old daughter in Turkey for over 9 years. 

Although Katharine herself publicly appears in front of the whole world, she has only disclosed limited information about her significant other. 

She had just recently married her husband at age 27 when her life suddenly took an extreme turn at the next moment.

Whistleblower Katharine Gun Age And Family

Katharine Gun’s age is listed as 47 years old as of 2021.

As noted in online sources, the former spy’s birth year is recorded to be 1974.

In 2003, the girl in her 20s initiated a courageous move to expose the secret plan made by the US government. She revealed the dirty tricks on the UN Iraq war vote to the world. 

Katharine Gun currently resides with her family of two in Turkey.

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As per her Wikipedia, we got to learn that her parents Paul and Jan Harwood along with her and her younger brother migrated to Taiwan in the 70s.

Katharine Gun Net Worth

Katharine Gun’s net worth might be in a significant amount.

With her life experience turning into a worthwhile movie, Official Secrets, Gun’s earning might not be any ordinary ones.

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