Jung-A Kim – Everything To Know About Robert Kelly’s Wife

Jung-A Kim had no plans of becoming a famous person. She, however, became an internet sensation and even successfully transitioned her family into a meme. A video of her dragging her kids out of her husband’s live interview with the BBC before closing the door on her knees went viral with over 18 million views on YouTube alone. What made the video so interesting to watch was the fact that she was in such a rush that she literally slid into the room, dragging her 2 kids out and knocking off books on the air-mattress. The interview Jung-A Kim and her kids crashed was being live-streamed on the BBC News channel and became the Live TV moment of the week, going on to become the No. 10 on YouTube’s list of the top 10 trending videos of 2017.

How Did Jung-A Kim get Famous?

Jung-A Kim discovered her kids had gate-crashed the interview when she was watching her husband’s interview on TV just outside his office. She saw the children appear in the room. Since there was a delay on the TV feed, she didn’t see them in the room right away. Kim and her husband held a press conference at his university in Korea to speak with the media there. They were solicited a lot for commercials and things like that, but most of the offers fell through. When asked if the event was staged Jung-A Kim and her husband responded that their children were 9 months and 4 years old at the time. They could not imagine trying to coordinate anything complicated with children of that age, making it just a legitimate family blooper.

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Everything to Know About Robert Kelly’s Wife

Rumors About Jung-A Kim Being a Nanny

When Professor Robert Kelly was interrupted by his two kids rushing into his room during a BBC interview being broadcast live, his wife, South Korean Jung-A Kim, hastily grabbed the kids, dragging them out of the room and closing the door. As the less than one-minute video from March 10 went viral, many people thought that Ms. Kim was the nanny, instead of his spouse, merely because she was a young Asian.

Early remarks on Facebook and Twitter revealed that when a lot of people saw the distressed Asian lady rushing into the professor’s room, they saw Jung-A Kim as a babysitter or employed staff. A lot of TV and media outlets even called her a nanny, feeding a western stereotype that depicts young Asian women as hired helps for white men.

Her Marriage and Family

In a statement on his blog, Asian Security Blog, her husband stated that Jung-A Kim was not the nanny of the kids. He confirmed that she was in fact his spouse. The family resides in Busan, South Korea’s second-largest city. Jung-A Kim teaches yoga there, according to the blog. They have been hitched since 2010. After Kelly arrived in South Korea in 2008, they got to meet at a shopping mall.

Jung-A Kim’s Husband and His Career

Kelly graduated with a BA in History and Political Science from the University of Miami in 1994. He graduated with an MA in International Relations from Ohio State University in 2002 and obtained his Ph.D. in International Relations in 2005 from a dissertation titled The Impact of Non-Governmental Organizations on the Bretton Woods Institutions. Kelly speaks German, French, Russian, Latin, Korean and classical Greek.

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The husband of Jung-A Kim is an associate professor of International Relations in the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy at Pusan National University in Busan, South Korea. As a political analyst on international-Korean affairs, he contributes to print and televised media regularly. Some of the popular publication outlets he contributes to include The Interpreter, The National Interest, Newsweek, Foreign Affairs, Duck of Minerva, CNN-GPS, The Diplomat, JoongAng Daily, Dong-A Daily as well as his blog.

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Kelly has fellowships at Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies’ Teachers Workshop, US-Korea NextGen Scholars Program run by CSIS, USC, the Korea Foundation, and several others. Despite being a professor, Jung-A Kim’s husband claims that in an alternate life, he would have been a screenwriter, a musician, or a classicist. He enjoys films a lot and writes about it infrequently on his blog. Professor Robert also enjoys classical music very much, particularly from Austro-German composers. He found antiquity so fascinating that he took two extra years of grad school just to study Greek and Latin.

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