Josip Iličić Biography; Stats, Girlfriend, Wife Cheating Scandal

Josip Iličić is a Slovenian professional footballer who plays as an attacker for Serie A club Atalanta and the Slovenia national team. Josip Iličić began his professional career with Bonifika in Slovenia before joining Interblock and Maribor all in Slovenia.

Josip Iličić moved to Italy in 2010 to join Palermo. He signed for Fiorentina in 2013 before moving to Atalanta in 2017. In 2018, he was named in Serie A Team of the Year.



Career Stats

Josip Iličić was born in Prijedor. He started his career playing in the youth teams of Triglav Kranj and later Britof from Kranj. He joined Bonifika at age 19 between 2007-2008 and scored 3 goals in 24 matches. He played for Interblock for the 2008-2010 season and registered 12 goals in 55 matches. He then signed for Maribor where he played only 5 matches with a goal and moved Italy to join Palermo. Between 2010-2013, he scored 20 goals in 98 matches. Josip Iličić joined Fiorentina in 2013 -2017 and scored 29 goals in 105 games. He currently plays for Atalanta and has 38 goals in 92 matches.

In 2008, Josip Iličić was called into the Slovenian U20 team and played 4 games. He played 6 games for the U21. From 2010 to present, he has scored 10 goals in 67 games.

Girlfriend and Wife Cheating Scandal

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Josip Iličić married his long time girlfriend, Tina Polovina. He met the lady in 2009 and they soon got married. The couple has two children. The potent Atalanta striker left the champions league camp when the team was preparing to face Paris Saint-German to have a surprise visit to his wife Tina Polovina in Slovenia. According to sources close to the player, he met his wife cheating on him. Josip Iličić got depressed and could return to Italy for the rest of Atalanta games.,

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