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Jack Abraham Letts He is a Muslim convert born in Britain, who is allegedly a member of the ISIS terrorist group. He is popularly known as Jihadi Jack, the nickname given by the British media. Jihadi Jack had dual Canadian-British nationality, but now his British government has revoked his British passport.

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Jihadi Jack’s parents have been convicted of a terrorist financing charge by sending money to their son for a total of £ 1,723 after their son Jack traveled to Syria at the age of 18, however, they will not serve a sentence in jail.Recently, in August 2019, the United Kingdom government decided to revoke its British passport, which states that it is “It’s no big deal.”Jack’s parents have also accused the former household secretary, Sajid Javid, of being a “coward” for stripping his son of his British citizenship and leaving him in a “legal black hole.”

Jihadi Jack famous for?

Jijabai Jack is famous as the Muslim member born in Britain of ISIL, from Syria.

Jihadi Jack’s early life: Parents / Education?

Jihadi Jack was born in 1995, in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. His birth name is Jack Abraham Letts. His nationality was Canadian-British and he used to have dual Canadian-British citizenship. His ethnicity is white, however, he is Muslim.

Jack was born to John Letts (father) and Sally Lane (mother). His 58-year-old father is a Canadian organic farmer, while his 57-year-old mother is a former Oxfam fundraising officer.

Jack attended Cherwell School. He was a popular child who grew up since he was a class clown who earned friends making jokes and making them laugh.

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He converted to Islam and then attended several local mosques and learned Arabic to read the Koran. He had also developed a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) at that time.

Jack also traveled to Kuwait and Syria in 2014, during which he became a Muslim.

Is Jihadi Jack a member of ISIS?

Jack made the news in January 2016, when he was accused of joining the terrorist group ISIS.However, at that time he and his parents denied that it was true, claiming it was only a “search for the truth.”He had also declared that he hated his parents because they did not believe in Allah and rejected the religion of truth.On May 7, 2017, Letts stated that he hated ISIS more than Americans hate them.He was imprisoned by ISIS and his parents were also under restrictions imposed by the UK media.Later, he shared a photograph of himself in 2015 by greeting with a finger associated with ISIS.

In Kurdish custody: ISIS?

Letts was arrested by YPG Kurdish militia while trying to escape the Battle of Raqqa / ISIS-controlled territory.When he reported on the arrest, his parents asked the British authorities to help him, but they did not.In October 2017, Lett’s parents were on a seven-day hunger strike for their son and even launched a petition to “Ensure the release of Jack Letts who is being held in northern Syria.”During his imprisonment, the United Kingdom government refused to extradite him, a diplomatic situation in which the Canadian government has intervened.In 2018, an exclusive interview was conducted with Letts where he asked the British Government to allow him to telephone his parents.He is a kind person, since he also mentioned that he would prefer that the two women who were in a similar situation at that time (Shamima Begum and Hoda Muthana) have priority over their case.Recently, on August 18, 2019, the British government revoked the British citizenship of Letts. In response, Canadian Public Security Minister Goodale described the measure as a “unilateral action to discharge responsibilities,” leaving Canada responsible for increased diplomatic assistance for Letts.

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Jijadi Jack’s parents behind bars?

On June 9, 2016, Letts’ parents appeared at the Westminster Magistrates Court, accused of financing terrorism.It was claimed that they had tried to send money to their son three times between 2015 and 2016. However, they were released on parole in June 2016.A trial was set for January 2017, but the case was delayed and again on May 22, 2019, the trail continued where the couple was found guilty of financing terrorism and sentenced to 15 months in prison, suspended for 12 months on 21 June 2019.Lett’s parents have also accused former Interior Secretary Sajid Javid of being a “coward” for stripping his son of his British citizenship and leaving him in a “legal black hole.”

The personal life of Jijadi Jack: Married / children?

Jihadi Jack is a married person. He married a local woman in Syria in 2016. He also had a son with the woman he had never met.

Jihadi Jack body measurements: height / weight?

Jack has a slim body posture. He stands with a height of 5 feet. 8 inches (approx.)

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