Jean Currivan Trebek – Biography, Facts To Know About Alex Trebek’s Wife

Jean Currivan Trebek is a realtor and businesswoman married to the famous Canadian-American television personality, Alex Trebek. Their meeting at a party for the first time was the start of their union and today, they share two children together and are quite doing well as a family.

Despite being married to a famous man, Jean has an enigmatic personality. Yes, she would grace every interview but is quite careful with her utterances. Many say that she is quite reserved and disciplined. Read more…

Jean Currivan Trebek’s Biography

September 3rd every year welcomes Jean Currivan Trebek to a new dawn, she was born precisely in the year 1963. She is an American who hails from Huntington, New York and is a Caucasian by descent. The identities of her immediate family are not known as she has revealed anything about them.

As for her education, Jean Currivan Trebek attended Harborfields High school and graduated in 1982. No one knows if she gained a college degree as she is yet to reveal any details regarding this. The lady is quite dedicated to her religion, she worships at the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science and is regarded as a practitioner in their gathering. Also, she started a service in the church known as singing bowl meditation.

As per her career, well, Jean Currivan Trebek is excelling at her job as a realtor. Sources say that she has been quite dedicated to her job and has shown loyalty to most of her colleagues in real estate business.

More Facts To Know About Jean Currivan Trebek, Alex Trebek’s Wife


No one talks about Jean and Alex’s relationship without at least mentioning their engagement. Well, her now-husband is quite a romantic young man. He popped the question on her 26th birthday and she sure said yes! That’s not all the story, according to the realtor, the television host invited her over for a dinner party on her birthday and handed her a pair of black velvet pants with a matching bolero jacket.

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Jean who thought she had received all her gifts from her boo that day was quite glad, then, unexpectedly the television host gave her a finely knitted wicker basket and by the time she opened it, she saw the most beautiful 16-carat sapphire ring laced with diamonds. Of course, she said yes and ran out crying!

How Alex and Jean Met

Falling in love they say is a beautiful thing, Young Jean who was just in her early 20s met her now-husband for the first time in a party sometime in 1998. Both who came with the intents of having fun never knew the god of love had it all planned. Well, theirs they say is that of love at first sight, they subsequently decided to lit up their love flame and ventured into having a relationship. They courted and grew to understand each other for two years before deciding to walk down the aisle in 1990 at L.A.’s Regency Club, with 150 guests present.

Age Differences

Long in the past, there were many factors to consider before anyone ties the knot and one of these countless factors included age. However, the case of Jean Currivan Trebek and Alex Trebek seem to be quite different. The television host, as at the time he met Jean, was 49 while she was 24.

At first, according to an interview, Alex stated that their age difference got him worried but he didn’t ever want to let Jean go, so he decided to make it work out. More so, the realtor on her part hasn’t revealed if she was indifferent about their age differences. That didn’t stop them, they, however, put their heart to it and has been married for over two decades and counting!

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In the very year the couple tied the knot, they welcomed their first son named Mathew Trevor who is currently doing well with his restaurant business. They subsequently welcomed their daughter, Emily Trebek. The family lives together at their residence in New York.

Jean isn’t Alex’s First wife

Jean Currivan Trebek isn’t the first wife of the television host. He was once married to a businesswoman known as Elaine Callie. The former couple tied the knots in 1974 and subsequently landed a divorce in 1981. Alex and Elaine had no children together.

Killer Looks

Unarguably, Jean Currivan Trebek has her looks in check! She doesn’t even look her age and has maintained the look of a young lady. She has a well-curved figure. Although the particular details of her height and weight aren’t available, from her pictures, one could tell that she is quite fit.

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