Is Hamilton Finn Leaving General Hospital? Where Is Michael Easton Going?

Fans are getting concerned if Hamilton Finn is leaving General Hospital but rest assured there is no news of his departure as of now. 

Michael Easton has been portraying the character of Dr. Hamilton Finn on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital. Recently, the rumors have been swirling around that Michael might be leaving the show which has worried his fans.

But the real question is if he is leaving the show or these are just the rumors. On the show, Finn is the son of Prof. Gregory Chase and the late Jean Finn-Chase. Followingly, his step-dad is a world-renowned journalist, Jackie Templeton, and the half-brother of Det.

Michael has been on the show since the character’s debut on March 21, 2016. Over the years, Finn has gathered a huge fan base across the country and also has his fandom wiki.

While people are discussing his supposed farewell from the show, let’s debunk it and find out if he is. Here are the complete details you need to know.

Is Hamilton Finn AKA Michael Easton Leaving General Hospital?

The answer for Hamilton Finn leaving General Hospital is, NO. The show’s actor Michael Easton hasn’t confirmed the rumors of his departure from the show.

Easton first joined the show back in 2012 as John McBain. He left the show when GH stopped using the OLTL characters in their soap. However, he did join the show later on as Dr. Silas Clay. Clay didn’t last for a long time on GH as he was killed in 2015.

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Fans were upset to see Easton leaving the show. But on the bright side, he came back with a different character Finn and he is portraying the character ever since. Easton has left and joined the show so many times that fans are worried about another potential departure.

As of now, neither the actor nor the show makers have talked anything about ending his character on GH.

Where Is Michael Easton Going?

As of now, Michael Easton isn’t going anywhere from GH. He is continuing to portray his character in the popular soap opera, General Hospital.

In one of the recent episodes, Hamilton Finn and Dante are helping Brook Lynn and Chase move into Jax’s old condo.

In the recent episode, Finn left early as he had a date planned with Liz. On the other hand, Liz is worried if she goes on a date something bad would happen. The show watchers can see Liz talking about her concerns with Terry and Portia.

Finn is looking forward to starting a new chapter with Liz, we can debunk the rumors of his departure from GH.

Meet Michael Easton Wife Ginevra Arabia

Michael Easton is happily married to his wife Ginevra Arabia in 2004. Arabia is a model born in Toronto, Canada to her parents. Easton and Arabia have two children Lilah Bell and Jack Boru together.

Arabia earned a scholarship to attend York University where she learned Theatre Arts and Acting. Over the years, she has appeared in several independent movies and commercials.

In addition, she has also studied acting under the supervision of Ron Stetson. She is living a happy family life with her spouse and children for almost two decades now.

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Michael Easton Net Worth Is Around $4 Million

The estimated net worth of Irish actor Michael Easton is $4 million. He is growing his financial assets as an American television actor, poet, actor, and photographer.

Easton has portrayed several characters on his long career path. Easton is most popular for her show One Life to Live where he played the character of John McBain.

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