Is Chloe Sims Daughter Special Needs? Madison Sims Learning Disability or Down Syndrome

Many people are curious to know if Chloe Sims’ daughter, Madison Sims has special needs or not. Let us learn more about her.

Madison made her guest appearance on ITVBe’s reality TV show; The Only Way Is Essex, on Sunday, 3rd October 2021. Her mother also grabbed the limelight as a part of the series since 2011.

Does Chloe Sims Daughter Madison Have Special Needs?

Yes, Chloe Sims’ daughter, Madison Sims, has some special needs because she is a patent with autism disorder. According to her medical reports, it has been a brain disorder called Attention deficit hyperactivity since her birth.

Do you know? This type of brain disorder is caused by paying attention, stand still, and controlling emotions. It mostly happens to minor children, teenagers, and adults. Also, boys are more affected by this disease rather than girls.

Madison Sims Learning Disability or Down Syndrome

Madison Sims is learning about her down syndrome and its disability. She knows that it is a rare disease that has no cure. But, she is still fighting back against her autism disorder from the beginning.

Sims’ mother, Chloe is trying to help her with many medical options to prevent the symptoms of her brain disorder. The doctors say that she needs behavioral intervention and prescribed medicines after checkups. But, proper medication can be an effective treatment for her.

When is Madison Sims Birthday? Know Her Age

Madison Sims’ birthday comes on the 8th of May every year. She completed her 16th birthday in 2021 as per her birth year, 2005. Her mother, Chloe, held the bash in their lavish home based in Brentford, Essex.

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More upon this, Madison’s zodiac sign is Taurus. According to her horoscope sign, her personality is charming and tactful in dealing with difficult issues. She keeps a strong desire for great things to happen extravagantly.

Who is Madison Sims Biological Father?

Madison Sims’s biological father is Matthew, who was in a romantic relationship with her mother, Chloe, for seven years. Her mom revealed her dad’s mysterious identity on her 14th birthday on Wednesday, 8th May 2019.

In the video clip, Chloe disclosed that Matthew is Madison’s biological father, with whom she dated for seven years. But, they ended up like brother-sister, which she never thought.

Chloe also proclaimed that her daughter has a good relationship with her dad. She is very close to Matthew’s parents as well. So, their daughter, Madison, is surrounded by people who love her a lot.

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