Is Blac Youngsta Related To Yo Gotti? Relationship Between The Rappers Explored

Is Blac Youngsta Related To Yo Gotti? Get all the details inside the two rappers’ bond here below!

Blac Youngsta is the rapper whose songs “Hip Hopper” and “Booty” have enjoyed notable places in the Billboard Chart.

Known for his tragedic background and his struggle to find a career in the hip-hop industry, Youngsta is one of the notable rappers from Memphis, Tennessee.

After he successfully debuted, he got more known for his beef with rival rappers, including Young Dolph from the area.

Young Dolph passed away on November 17 after he was shot up in a cookie store.

With Young Dolph’s sad death, Blac Youngsta has also become involved in his life story due to their constant rivalry.

Blac Youngsta and Yo Gotti are related to each other as it was Yo Gotti who helped the former rapper make a successful career in the industry.

When Youngsta’s 2015 song “Heavy” was released, it grabbed the attention of Yo Gotti. It became Youngsta’s breakout project.

Since then, these two rappers have worked on several projects together.

They share a brotherly bond and a professional relationship as Youngsta is a member of Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG), a music label.

Youngsta founded his record label, Heavy Camp, under CMG in 2017, and the project is still intact today.

Although the two are not blood-related, they exemplify true brothership as Youngsta had fired on Young Dolph in 2017.

Yo Gotti and Young Dolph are notorious for their rivalry that later passed down to their associates in no time.

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It is alleged that Blac Youngsta and his associates had fired over 100 rounds into Young Dolph’s SUV. The charges were dropped in 2019.

Blac Youngsta Grandma Shot Up News

Blac Youngsta’s grandma’s shot-up news has gone viral on social media platforms currently.

As An unidentified man shot Young Dolph in a car, rumors started that Blac Youngsta’s grandmother was shot at her home.

More rumors started flooding in as some believe Gunmen also attacked yo Gotti’s restaurant.

However, Hannah Wallsmith of the Memphis News Station Action 5 News has refuted those claims.

 Joyce Peterson, who also works for Action 5 News, has confirmed the news via a tweet. She tweeted, “Granny is safe too, per Memphis Police.”

Many high-level officials of Memphis have become involved with their investigation of Young Dolph’s shoot-out case.

The city has gone under a colossal panic given such repeated crimes.

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