Inside Brenda Song’s Life Since She Started Dating Macaulay Culkin After Meeting On Changeland Set

Celebrity relationships are a big part of the entertainment world, they give a glimpse into the romantic workings of the lives of the personalities involved. When a popular person gets into a new relationship, speculations always spring up about who they are most likely dating but this often happens if the other party is not as popular. However, when both parties are celebrities, there is a much louder buzz. Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin, were a very unlikely pair until they started dating.

It’s no longer news to many that Macaulay, the child actor who came to the spotlight on ‘Home Alone’ had a series of life-changing experiences as he grew older – experiences which automatically sidelined him from mainstream Hollywood. But, popular opinions about the actor in recent times suggest he is living the best episodes of his life once again. This was since he met his heartthrob Brenda Song.

The Circumstances That Brought Brenda Song And Macaulay Culkin Together

In 2017, it was announced that Seth Green was working on a new film, titled Changeland. It was also revealed that Macaulay Culkin would star in the film; this was his first appearance in a film in 10 years. One of the other stars scheduled to appear in the film was Brenda Song. It was on the set of this film that the two met. According to Song, when they started to talk to each other, the two stars bonded over their shared experience of being child actors.

It was an easy topic for them to bond with each other as both had sufficient experience in acting while they were still children. But a more significant thing they shared in common was that they had both started their careers in entertainment when they were 5, Song started off as a model while Culkin was part of a stage play at the New York Philharmonic. Having this in common made it easy for both actors to bond. In a short while, they started spending more time together.

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Like other celebrities, the relationship between the two stars was easily snuffed out by the press. The first news of their relationship came to the limelight in 2017 but they made no comment on the speculations. By December of that year, the flames of the relationship rumour were fanned when the pair were spotted together in Paris ‘the city of love’. But there was still no comment from either of them on the true nature of their relationship.

The confirmation of their relationship came a year after when Culkin mentioned on Joe Rogan’s podcast that he was in a relationship with Song. A month after his announcement, Song confirmed that she was in a happy place in her love life.

Interesting Details About Their Previous Relationships

Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin, have been into different relationships. When he was eighteen Culkin got married to Rachel Milner, also an actress. When they tied the knot in 1998, they were the same age but the marriage did not last and by 2000, they had separated. Reports had it that two years afterwards, they officially got divorced.

The same year he got divorced, Culkin started a new relationship with Mila Kunis, another actress. They had tried to keep it private, but the fact that it was a longer relationship defeated their aim as it later came to light. However, their romantic union hit the rocks in 2011 after they had dated for nine years.

For Brenda Song, she has only been in one serious relationship and this was with Trace Cyrus, of the Cyrus family. Song’s attraction to Trace had happened as a result of her relationship with his family – she was good friends with his sister Miley Cyrus and got to know him through her. They started dating in 2010 and only a year later, they got engaged. However, the one-time couple parted ways in 2012.

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The exact reason for the break up remained vague to the media and public alike but there were several reports at the time suggesting that Trace and Song were going back and forth in their relationship. However, Trace confirmed the rumours with a break-up song ‘Brenda’ which he released in 2018.

Other names that Song has been linked to are, Raviv Ullman a co-star in ‘Phil of the Future’, Aaron Musicant, Jesse McCartney, Jason Dolley, and Joe Jonas. Flo Rida the rapper, was also rumoured to have dated the actress briefly in 2009 but they did not last long together; as she later moved on to Trace Dempsey Cyrus.

How Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song Manage To Keep The Fire Burning

As stated, the lovebirds work in entertainment, but the bulk of their work is in the movies and television shows. They share a strong bond together and are indeed raising the hope of their fans who are really positive about something more happening between them. For Brenda Song, her career as an actress began in the mid-90s and by the early 2000s, she was widely recognized for the brilliance of her acting. One of her biggest roles was in the ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ Disney franchise where she played ditzy socialite, London Tipton.

As she grew older, she got roles befitting her age. She has had recurring roles in a number of television shows, including ‘New Girl’, ‘Scandal’, ‘Station 19’, ‘Amphibia’ and ‘Dollface’, on the last two shows she played the main character. Song is also known for her appearance in films like ‘College Road Trip’, ‘The Social Network’ and the hit Netflix film, ‘Secret Obsession’.

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For Culkin, his portrayal of Kevin McCallister in the hit Christmas film Home Alone was his gateway into the world of stardom. In the course of his career in entertainment, he has made a branch off into music with the work he did with the now-defunct band The Pizza Underground. His latest project is his podcast and website Bunny Ears, where he publishes comedic, oftentimes parodic content. He has shown a renewed interest in acting and is set to appear in the 10th season of ‘American Horror Story’.

Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin are mostly private people, especially the former. They successfully managed to keep their relationship hidden from the public for more than a year. But even though they were discreet about their union, the chemistry between the two was more than enough to get the media suspecting. At a point, it was rumoured that the couple was already married but still keeping it private.

Macaulay Culkin has revealed that they are trying to have a baby, a baby that will be an addition to their family which already includes a lot of pets.

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