iCrazyTeddy Biography And Net Worth

iCrazyTeddy is a popular English Youtuber a celebrity star video and Grand Theft Auto content creator.

iCrazyTeddy was born Barry Allen on July 13, 1998, in Birmingham of the United Kingdom. With the exception of details about his online and gaming life, he has disclosed any information about his parents, siblings, and educational background.

His love for games beginning from infancy made him establish a Youtube channel that has become a profession for him and propelling him into greatness. He currently has over 1.2 million people glued to his channel waiting for content to watch.

iCrazyTeddy net worth

iCrazyTeddy is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. A worthy wealth for a young guy. He is one of the youngest and successful guys on Youtube as an online gamer.

Source: abtc.ng,

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