How To Backup Contacts On ZTE Z222

You can easily back up contacts on ZTE Z222 in two simple ways; By copying all contacts on ZTE Z222 onto a sim card or transferring the contacts to another phone using Bluetooth. Follow the steps below to learn how to easily back up contacts on ZTE Z222 mobile phone.

How to backup contacts on ZTE Z222 from phone to sim card

  1. Press the center nav key to open the menu
  2. Scroll and click on contacts
  3. Press the right soft key to open options
  4. Select the “Move Contacts” option.
  5. On the Move from Menu, select Phone.
  6. Select sim card when the move to menu appears.
  7. On the select contact menu, select option, and select the “choose all” option to select all contacts.
  8. Select the “Done” option to transfer all the contacts onto your sim card.

Once your transfer is complete you can place your sim card into another phone to have access to all the backed-up contacts.

How to back up contacts on ZTE Z222 Using Bluetooth

  1. Open the contacts app by clicking on the left soft key. You can also access the contact app through the menu.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Scroll through and select share
  4. Choose options on the next screen that appears and select “choose all
  5. Select Bluetooth.
  6. Turn on Bluetooth on the other phone on which the backup will be shared.
  7. ZTE Z222 will show a list of available Bluetooth devices ready to be paired.
  8. Select the phone you are sharing the contacts with and select send.
  9. All contacts will be transferred to the destination of the backup contacts being shared by Bluetooth.
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If the phone you are sharing with is an Android, follow the steps below to import the contacts transferred from ZTE Z222.

  1. Open contact apps from your android device
  2. Click on the three vertically aligned dots at the top-right corner of the contacts app
  3. Click on settings
  4. Find the import and export contact option and choose vcf files from the storage.
  5. The contacts will automatically be imported into your phonebook.


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