How “Phytoscience Double Stem Cell” Saved Me

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I was told by the doctors that I would die in three months. I was living and working as a nurse in the United Kingdom. In 2005, I was diagnosed with diabetes otherwise known as hyperglycemia, and as a nurse, I was able to manage my health. But as you know, diabetes destroys kidneys.  By the year 2006, I was also diagnosed with hypertension. Five years down the line, precisely in 2011, I was diagnosed with hematuria and proteinuria. Blood and protein were present in my urine.  As it did not disturb me, I did not bother and I was not worried either. or you can also call these numbers (+234)09099497545, (+234)080551863333 to place your order.

In December 2018, I went for a general checkup, this is a procedure as a nurse, it is what we must do every year.  I went back to collect my test results in January 2019 and to my greatest fear, I was told to go and prepare for death, as I was told I was going to die in three months. They were able to say all this because of my poor results. Everything showing up in the results gave them the confidence that I would die in three months. My twin kids were there present at the hospital, they were about seven years of age then. The doctors didn’t know the solution to my problems. They didn’t know what to do to my kidney problems as diabetes has damaged my kidneys. I went back home in sorrow.

I knew within me that I had gone through a lot of hardship in my entire life, so I just wanted to go and rest. I had prepared my mind to die. Because I thought within me that managing the problem would be another long road away from life that I might not be able to return. So, I sat myself down to ask my heart what it wanted to do. It was at this point I thought of doing insurance for my twin kids. I returned home, and as a nurse, I cleared my home so as not to hit my head on any hard object in case of the eventuality. I also put my mattress on the floor preparing for the death. I told my kids to call the ambulance in case of any emergency.

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So, I went to see a friend in Birmingham, and a lady who came from Nigeria was also there, and I was introduced to her. The visit was actually for a Christian Fellowship. The lady said she would come to pay me a visit in Milton Keynes, she came and slept over and as she was leaving without me telling her my problems, she said “excuse me, I want to introduce you to something”. I was open and ready to hear what she had to say, she introduced Phytoscience Double Stem Cell to me without knowing I was preparing to die in few weeks, neither did I tell her she was talking to a living ghost, so, we continued our friendship. She told me the price, it was N75,000 for Silver then. But in truth and indeed, I didn’t have that money as at that time. I tried and struggled to get the money and I was able to get it when it remained about a month to the death day. I paid the money, and bringing the product to England from Nigeria was another herculean task.

I began waiting as a result of courier and logistics issues.  Then, I began scratching my body, I think this is what the doctors meant as I was having a terrible itching and biting. Second day, into this horrible situation, the product arrived. The Double Stem Cell saved the situation as the itching was so bad that I couldn’t help myself, there was nothing I could do. I took one sachet of the Double Stem Cell, not a pack, just one sachet. I just used it the first day, the second day, the third day and the fourth day.

On the third day, I felt a little better, the lady that introduced Phytoscience to me did not tell me this is the solution to my death problem or kidney disease. The woman was just acting on a general note. On the fourth day, I went to the toilet to pee, I sat and pee, I wanted to flush when my eyes just went to the toilet seat, and wow! My urine normally was crystal white and foaming as if you put detergent in water, serious foaming because of proteinuria. I have been closing my eyes to it, I know it has been there but since doctor said they didn’t know what to do, so I don’t know what to do either. But I noticed the urine was amber, completely amber urine, it was a long time that I saw something like that and I was so happy that the itchiness had gone.

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It was then it dawned on me that something great has happened. I don’t know what it is but something has happened. As I look at the mirror at the back of my toilet seat, I noticed something else has happened. The wrinkle on my face has gone, I was more refreshing, my skin looks so beautiful in that mirror and I was like… you know, as if what am I looking at? It was then it dawned on me that the  Double Stem Cell I have used for the past four days, one sachet each day, believe you me, it is not a lie, and here is the example I am still living, has been working. No more itches.

I believe the creatinine in the urine has gone down. I am a nurse myself, I, at work, I took some urine of myself and I dipped stick, the dipstick showed no more blood in my urine, no more blood, the protein in urine has gone. I don’t even know the lady that introduced the product to me from Adam, I only met her with a friend, she was the quietest person on the face of the earth but she opened her mouth and said “Please sister, can I introduce this thing to you?” I just, I don’t know why I took it from her, generally, I should say no, but I believe God is with me to make sure that I came alive.

This is not the only testimony, my children, I have twin babies, a boy and a girl. A boy has had eczema since he was born, he can scratch his body till blood starts coming out. We use a special soap, special cream, special this, special that and special everything. The second twin has asthma, many kinds of ambulance coming to my home. It is terrible (crying), listen, Double Stem Cell works, I am sorry, I have to cry. I would take a sachet and share for the two of them. Before coming in contact with Double Stem Cell, I would take my daughter to Accident and Emergency, I would call them that my baby can’t breathe again, they would come with oxygen, I would carry my other baby on my back. This was how I used to live my life before knowing Double Stem Cell. When I started sharing one sachet for the two of them, the eczema disappeared, we are not using any pump again for the one with asthma, I am no more in the hospital.

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That is not all, the moment I saw it’s working, I began looking for other people with one chronic disease or the other, I began showing all of them, in one week I came to the first star, I make 4000 Pounds in a week. It makes me healthy, my skin is beautiful, the wrinkle is gone, no more death, I am alive. Double stem cell works, I am a living testimony. A friend of mine that had breast cancer was healed, no more cancer, there is another one with diabetes, it is gone completely, try it. Kidney problem has no medicine at all, all over the world, this is the first medicine we are seeing now, so please tell more people about Double Stem Cell to save lives, I beg you.

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