How Old Is Sandra Dorion? Age Revealed

Former member of the Canadian rock band Sandra Dorion is at the age of 58. Is She On Wikipedia? Find out more.

Sandra is well-known as a Canadian singer and songwriter. She is a former band member of the Canadian rock band “Nuance.”

She was involved in the band in the year 1983, and her performance was always hit. Further, she co-composed the classical song called ” Vivre Dans la Nuit.”

Sandra Dorion Age

Sandra Dorion is at the age of 58.

Her birthday falls on 9 February as she was born on the same day. She was born in the year 1963.

When she was 20 years old, she joined the band and gave her best performance in 5 years.

Who is Sandra Dorion’s Conjoint? Husband

Sandra Dorion tied her knot with her conjoint, Seguin, in 1990.

The couple spent their life together for 27 years. After 27 years of togetherness, they got separated in 2017. The reason behind their separation is unclear.

The couple had many circumstances in their marriage life. However, they were with each other for 27 years. Her ex-husband was found to be a radio host. Also, he had a record of home violence. Probably, home violence done by her ex-husband towards her was the main reason for their separation.

Apart from her ex-husband, she has two daughters, both in their 20’s.

Sandra Dorion On Wikipedia

Sandra is yet to be listed on Wikipedia.

Though her band, Nuance, has been featured on Wikipedia. There is much information about her on other sites.

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She is known to be the lead singer of the Candian band, Nuance. She is currently living in a similar place where she was born-Alymer, Outaouais, Canada.

Her band was active for 13 years and has given several hits. Vivre Dans la Nuit is one of the renowned hit singles of this band. This song was later listed in the Canadian Songwriters ‘Hall of Fame’ after 3 and half decades as it aged.

She herself co-composed this classical song.

In 1984, the cult song was released and stayed trending for 16 weeks. The singer is currently working as a college instructor and began her work as an ESL instructor. She is a full-time major instructor at Ecole de d’ Amerique-Francaise and Ecole internationale du Mont-Bleu in Gatineau.

Additionally, she came back to music with her solo album “Telle Quelle” in 2011.

Sandra Dorion Net Worth

Sandra’s net worth is estimated to be $1.6 million.

Her earnings depend on her previous singing and her current job as an instructor.

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