How Old Is Amrit Kaur? Age Of ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Actress Revealed

Amrit Kaur is an Actress cast in ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ HBO Max, who is commonly known as the producer of Heatwave(2020). Is She Indian?

Amrit Kaur is a diploma graduate of York University in Acting Conservatory. Her short appearance was observed in the “ask not” as Cadet Thira Shiru, who was found as a powerful woman standing against patriarchist Captain Pike.

Her bio on Twitter describes her as an actor, writer, and activist. On the other hand, Amrit is also the actress of Heatwave, where she played the role of Nisha(2020).  

Michele Lonsdale-Smith and Stephen Park have been her teachers to guide her further in the cinematic and theatre world. She has been crafting her first-ever play named silence in the Lonsdale Smith Studio, Toronto.

How Old Is Amrit Kaur? Age Explored

Amrit Kaur’s age is a 28 years old lady from Canada. She was born on the 4th of June 1993. Although she has an Indian ethnic background, she was born in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Her Hollywood career began after she entered the Miss World Canada Beauty Pageant in 2014 when she was 21 years old. But she has that actress attitude and a passion for her acting career from an early age.  

Captain Pike. Cadet Thira Sidhu. “Ask Not” November 14th. #StarTrek #ShortTreks

— Star Trek (@StarTrek) November 7, 2019

Who Are Amrit Kaur Parents?

Amrit Kaur grew up with her parents, who are Indian aborigines. Their ancestral home is in Hoshiarpur, a place in Punjab.  

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She lastly visited India in 2020. Besides, she lives independently without her parents in Canada.

Amrit Kaur Nationality: Where Is She From?

Amrit Kaur is a Canadian citizen, and her nationality happens to be the same. But her parents come from Indian background who initially possessed Indian citizenship.

She can be called an Indian-American who belongs to a Punjabi family. Kaur, her surname, is the last name especially given to Sikh women. the tradition has been there for more than 300 years.  

Amrit Kaur On IG

Amrit Kaur keeps her Instagram updated, where she has around 3700 followers.

She seems to be an outdoor girl who enjoys partying and girl nights. Likewise, Kaur is equally active on Twitter which she joined in 2014.

Choosing to be a cast of “Sex Lives Of College Girls,” she has made a long jump in her acting career. She has appeared in the drama series in the role of Bela. They released its first episode on the 18th of November,2021.

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