Grambling State New Job and Art Briles Controversial Past, His Salary and Net Worth

Grambling State University has hired Art Briles for the new job as its offensive coordinator amid the controversy surrounding him. Explore below to know more about the scandal.

Art Briles is an American football coach who formerly worked at Mount Vernon High School in Mount Vernon, Texas.

Briles was the head coach of the Baylor Bears but his career ended in May 2016 amid the Baylor University sexual assault scandal.

What Happened To Art Briles? Assault And Scandal Surrounding The Coach

Art Briles was discharged from his old job as the coach of Baylor Bears after a horrific sexual assault scandal.

The NCAA found he and his coaching staff ignored reports of players committing sexual assault for several years.

A former Baylor student accused the 31 football players of at least 52 acts of rape from 2011 to 2014.

After the accusations were not handled properly by the school, an investigation was launched by the law firm Pepper Hamilton.

The report stated and found the misdemeanor act of  Baylor’s football team athletes as well as the coach’s negligence toward the sexual assault complaints.

Then the regents held Briles accountable and suspended him until the legal actions allowed them to fire him.

He sued the school for wrongful termination and had other claims, which he withdrew later.

Grambling State Hire Art Briles For The New Job

Louisiana’s Grambling State hired Art Briles as the offensive coordinator amid the sexual scandal. It is one of the most popular historically Black colleges in the US.

Briles had not coached in college since 2016 until he was employed by Grambling on Thursday.

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Grambling State hired the former Bears coach Briles after conducting research into his past for roughly 10 days.

The sole purpose was to give him a chance to redeem himself after the incident as everybody deserves a second chance.

The press questioned Grambling why they hired him when Briles had not coached since 2016.

To which Scott replied Briles is made to lead men and coach. He is sympathetic and empathetic about the situation and takes the decision best for the team.

Grambling State Coach Art Briles Salary And Net Worth

Art Briles has a net worth of $11 million dollars and his salary is estimated to be $3.1 million dollars.

He earned $8000 per week, $32000 per month, and an average of  $4 million per year.

Most of his earnings were attributed to his career as a professional head coach and former player.

Meet Art Briles Wife Jan Briles And Kids

Art Briles is married to his long-time girlfriend Jan Briles on 3 June 1978. The pair has 3 children Kendal Briles, Staley Lebby, and Jancy Briles.

Briles was raised by his parents Wanda Briles and Dennis Briles but unfortunately, they died in a car crash.

After the death of his mum and dad, he was emotionally disturbed but managed to overcome the sadness.

He now lives a happy life with his wife and children.

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