Goldfinger’s Too Late Lyrics

The young boy has turned into a man and he’s growing stronger he’s battled through things he thought he could go on no longer father stood by his side wanting nothing more than just be his dad but pride only answers to one call he only condemns him

and if the boy only knew the father’s pain the nights that he stayed up late wondered why doesn’t he see the future is so bleak so bleak

father’s retired now he’s left with tv and rest the weight of the world and what did he do wrong has gone to his chest he had such a good life the family he loved were all by his side to his son he whispered goddamn this pride

so fuck i’m all by myself now you’ve gone away you’ve left me all by myself with that fucked up thing you said if i could forgive myself you knew the way now i’m all by myself and i’m sorry

but if you only knew your son’s pain how bad that he wanted you to say you’re doing just fine you turned out to be one good guy but it’s too late

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