Fans Wonder How Much Sally Kellerman Made Throughout Her Career – Her Net Worth & Earnings Explained

Sally Kellerman who portrayed the character of Major Margaret “Hot Lips” O’ Houlihan in the M*A*S*H movie has a net worth of $2.5 million at the time of her death. Find more about the actress.

Sally Kellerman has sadly passed away at the age of 84.

Her death was reported on February 24, 2022, from Woodland Hills of California.

She used to attend the prestigious Los Angeles City College but she dropped out to pursue her acting dream.

She was also affiliated with Actor Studio, a membership organization for directors and stars located at 432 West 44th street.

What Was Sally Kellerman’s Net Worth At The Time Of Death?

Sally Kellerman flaunted a massive net worth of around $2.5 million from her acting career.

In 1970, she featured in M*A*S*H movie directed by Robert Altman.

Similarly, she has worked in hit movie projects such as Chemistry, Maron, The Player, Welcome to the LA, Satr Trek, The Outer Limits, and many more.

For her robust performance in M*A*S*H, she was nominated for Oscars in the Best Supporting Actress role.

She was active with acting career from 1957 to 2017 for six long decades.

Similarly, she featured in many television shows and series and carved a versatile field of acting in all those long years.

Explore Sally Kellerman’s Career Earnings & Salary Details

After leaving Los Angeles City College for pursuing an acting career, Sally Kellerman earned a lot from her projects and works.

Her movies and television shows were massive hits and he signed great contract deals before most of the movies.

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She also did some commercial voiceover works and thus her career was prolific so as to say.

Her career earnings ranked up in millions and she was a successful actress, pursued by many movie projects and directors for her diligence.

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Sally Kellerman’s Family Details

Sally Kellerman was born to her father John “Jack” Helm Kellerman and her mother Edith Baine.

Her mother was a piano teacher and her father was a Shell Oil executive.

She has an older sibling Diana Dean Kellerman.

From her previous two marriages, Sally was blessed with her three children.

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