Does Vanessa Bryant Have A New Boyfriend? Everything To Know

Does Vanessa Bryant have a new boyfriend in 2021? Let’s find out if Kobe Bryant’s widow has started dating, more than a year after her husband’s death.

Vanessa Bryant is the widow of Kobe Bryant. 

The couple was married to each other for a long time. Vanessa married Kobe soon after her graduation at the age of 18.

Their relationship went from many ups and down even filing for divorce in 2011 and calling it off in 2013. Sadly, Kobe with his daughter passed away in a helicopter crash.

Vanessa seems too busy with her lawsuits that she doesn’t even have time for her family. She has filed a lawsuit against the helicopter company that carried Kobe and her daughter. 

Also, she is in a legal battle with the Los Angeles police department and even with her own mother. 

Does Vanessa Bryant Have A New Boyfriend In 2021?

Vanessa Bryant is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend in 2021. 

Although there are rumors that she has started dating again, no evidence is available to prove the claims.

Vanessa is seen to be committed to her children in taking care of them even though it seems difficult for her. 

The news of an athlete asking her out went viral in 2019 soon after Kobe’s death. But, the news soon came out to be fake. 

Vanessa Bryant Relationship And Dating Life

Vanessa Bryant has had only one known relationship, her marriage to Kobe Bryant. 

She was only 18 years old when the two got married. She never had time for any other relationship except Kobe. 

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Even though she was having a hard time after the miscarriage of her first child in 2005, the couple went through the pain together. 

Vanessa is a remarkable woman who is an ex-model and philanthropist and anyone will be eager to date her. But, Venessa doesn’t seem to open to anyone as of now. 

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