Does Gordon Brown Have A Glass Eye, Is He Blind On His Left Eye?

Gordon Brown has shared about his eye injury struggle which raised fear in him that he would be blind for the rest of his life. 

Gordon Brown is UK’s former prime minister. 

He acquired the position as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 2007. In fact, Brown is described as Britain’s first disabled PM, the label which he totally rejects.

Brown recently made it to the headlines after he stated that the withdrawal from Afghanistan would lead to the biggest humanitarian crisis sign. 

Does Gordon Brown Have A Glass Eye, Is He Blind On His Left Eye?

Gordon Brown has a glass eye as found from Quora’s comments.

He has a replacement eye made of glass following the severe sports injury which she suffered during his teenage period. The sports lover’s dream to build his career in the athletic world was shattered a the age of 16 because of his eye injury. And, that injury resulted in him being blind in one eye. 

At that time for a teenage boy, the greatest fear was losing his sight forever. 

Thanks to medical experts and especially an Indian-origin surgeon who saved him from complete blindness. He has described to online media about how he has lived with limited vision for thirty years and the unease created by this issue.

My article for @MailOnline on the future of Scotland and the options we face > GORDON BROWN: The Union hasn’t faced such peril in my lifetime

— Gordon Brown (@GordonBrown) June 30, 2021

What Happened To Gordon Brown Eyes?

Regarding Gordon Brown’s eye, he got kicked in the head while playing rugby in school.

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As a result, he suffered a detached retina in his left eye. Because of immediate treatment, though Brown did not lose 100% of his eyesight, the incident did arouse a sense of fear and anxiety in the then-school boy.

The teenager, who spent months laying in the hospital and the fear that his life would end up in darkness contributed to his character development.  

Gordon Brown considers himself fortunate as his right eye vision is still intact even after the surgeons told him that the retina in his right eye was torn in two places as noted in BBC.

Almost everyone in Afghanistan is heading for true poverty.

The West can act but we’re sleepwalking into the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.

— Gordon Brown (@GordonBrown) December 29, 2021

Gordon Brown Wife And Family Explored

Gordon Brown’s wife is named Sarah Brown.

More on his family, Brown shares three children named John Macaulay Brown James Fraser Brown, and Jennifer Jane Brown with his beloved wife.

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