Does DanTDM Have Cancer? Everything To Know About The Minecraft Streamer

Does DanTDM Have Cancer? And the answer is a big No as he is a healthy guy who happily lives a healthy life with his wife, Jemma.

DanTDM is a renowned English YouTuber and Minecraft streamer best known for his video game commentaries. Besides, Daniel is also an actor who has starred in various tv series.

His online video channels have included many video games, including Minecraft, Roblox and Pokémon. Additionally, his channel has been listed among the top YouTube channels in the UK.

Meanwhile, his full name is Daniel Robert Middleton, who is primarily recognized by his stage name DanTDM. Some of his tv credits are Talking Blocks, Minecraft Misadventures, etc.

Likewise, he has Diamond Creator Award, which he got in 2016. Middleton was also a nominee for Teen Choice Award (2018,201) and Blimp Award (2020).

Furthermore, he has a massive social media following, and his YouTube channel named DanTDM has collected over 25.7 million subscribers.

Techno smiling and laughing in the face of cancer is true strength. The man is and always will be a pillar of this community, and it’s amazing to see so many wishing him a speedy recovery. Stay strong big dog! ❤️ #technosupport

— Colin Smoke (@colinsmoke) August 27, 2021

Does DanTDM Have Cancer? 

Absolutely No, DanTDM does not have cancer. He is a healthy guy who’s cancer rumors circulated on the internet after some unauthorized sites mentioned the fakes news of his death.

However, the news or rumors were fake as he is doing fine. Middleton does not have any sign of serious health issues. Aso, he has not talked anything about this topic.

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Moreover, some other streamers had formerly announced their illness. Technoblade made a heartbreaking announcement to his fans, revealing that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

He is also a Minecraft content creator, which made DanTDM involved in his cancer gossips.

DanTDM Wife and Son Details

DanTDM is happily wedded to his girlfriend turned wife, Jemma. The couple is also blessed with a son named Asher. Meanwhile, the duo tied their marital knot on March 17, 2013.

Furthermore, the happy family of three reside together, and they often post pictures on social media. Apart from that, DanTDM is a family person who loves enjoying his spare time with his family members.

 He is also close to his parents and has made several videos with them.

How Much Is DanTDM Net Worth?

DanTDM has a massive net worth of around $35 Million. The well-known content creator makes a huge amount of money from his profession. Aso, he earns money from YouTube.

And in 2017, he surpassed the Forbes list of the Highest-Paid YouTube Stars, earning $16.5 million in one year. With such a high income, Middleton surely lives a lavish life.

According to Social blade, his monthly estimated earning from YouTube is $10.6K – $169.6K as of today’s date.

Meet DanTDM On Instagram

DanTDM uses Instagram under the username @dantdm, where he has a tremendous fan following of over 3.3 million. He is fond of using social sites, and we can find his strong presence on other platforms.

Moreover, Middleton shares updates of his life through his social media handles. Similarly, he has various other secondary YouTube channels with a huge number of subscribers.

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