Do It To It Tiktok Song Lyrics – More On New Dance Challenge On Tiktok?

Do It To It TikTok song has gained huge popularity on the platform. Here’s what you should know about the new dance challenge.

TikTok and dance have become two sides of the same coin. Once you open the application, you are certain to find users dancing on some kind of beat.

Moreover, we witness new challenges every single day on TikTok. Indeed, you are at the right place to know everything about Do It To It.

Do It To It Tiktok Song Lyrics Explained

Do It To It Tiktok song was originally brought up by Acraze. Indeed, the sound used in this challenge is a part of the song’s lyrics.

If you have encountered a video of Do It To It then, you probably loved the beats provided by Acraze. Here’s that part of the lyrics that have been used – “Bounce wit it, drop wit it, Lean wit it, rock wit it, Snap wit it, All my ladies pop yo backs wit it”.

In this dance challenge, the dancer is required to change his/her dance step whenever the beat changes. Thus, we can say that Do It To It is one of the most fascinating trends on TikTok.

Until now, 157.3K videos have been uploaded. Each of the posts is unique from the other but the dance moves are quite similar.

Recently, Original Cartel introduced a remix version of Do It To It. This dance challenge has also gained enormous popularity in recent days.

As of now, there are over 9 thousand videos on the remix version. By the end of the month, the number of uploads is bound to increase.

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What Is Do It To It New Dance Challenge On TikTok? Step By Step Guide

Do It To It dance challenge has gone viral on TikTok. Slowly and steadily, more stars are being involved in the ongoing trend.

Indeed, it’s quite easy to participate if you have basic knowledge about dancing. Even if you do not know how to dance, you will be perfect following the step-by-step guide we have provided below.

The first step goes with “Bounce wit it” where you simply lean back. Next, you will have to drop yourself on the ground when you hear “Drop Wit It”.

Moving on, you need to lean left when the song goes “Lean wit it”. Next, act as if you’re playing guitar when the lyrics say “Rock Wit It”.

Now, snap your fingers at “Snap wit it”. Finally, cross your hands against your chest and raise one of your hands when the song ends at “All my ladies pop yo backs wit it”.

There you go! You have mastered the steps and now simply upload your video and challenge your friends.

Everything On Do It To It TikTok Trend

Do It To It TikTok trend was introduced in 2021. Most probably, the song is gaining huge popularity, all thanks to the dance challenges.

Slowly, we are seeing the trend on other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Indeed, you can find tons of compilations all over the internet.

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